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Business & Marketing Strategy - Chief Operating Officer for Your Business!

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Advisory & Implementation

Elizabeth acts as my Chief Operating Officer for both of my businesses; The Westberry Group and She is instrumental in running the operational and strategic parts of my businesses.

She handles all of our monthly promotions and newsletter, all of our social media management and creates our monthly / annual strategy for the businesses. Elizabeth also develops most of our content and manages our onsite blog.

Having her as part of my businesses was a no-brainer and I love her custom packages because they fit my business and my budget! She has become part of my team and working with her is amazing. She has taken my businesses to places I never thought possible or affordable!
— Carol Westberry, The Westberry Group &



I have been working with Elizabeth for several years. She handles all my social media as well as holding me responsible for developing monthly content for my newsletter. She develops and designs my monthly newsletter and manages my email service and blog portion of my website as well. She has even increased my open rate on my monthly newsletter by helping me generate relevant content and building amazing graphics!

We work together to create an annual strategy as well as monthly accountability points. Elizabeth is like a part of my team and it feels really great to have her managing these aspects of my business – I never worry that things are not getting done!
— Traci Cleary, Connection Point Coaching, Tampa, FL


Elizabeth increased my audience engagement on all my social media platforms with effective and fun content. She was committed to understanding me and my messaging so her posts truly represented my brand. She is just so easy to work with...finally someone who can deliver results AND be enjoyable to work with at the same time!
— Hilary Silver, LCSW, Hilary Silver International, Denver, CO


I needed someone to bounce ideas off of, someone to relate to and learn from. Most of all...I needed someone who had a passion for marketing strategy just like me. During my first session with Elizabeth she shared some ways to avoid pitfalls and expand my business. In less than a month, simply tweaking my strategy resulted in 5-new clients and my workshop being sold out!
— C. Vanessa Oatman, EVOZ Marketing, Tampa, FL


“Elizabeth tailored our social media content to the unique ‘voice’ of our brand and organization. Under her leadership, now our content speaks to our audience better than all previous efforts combined. If you’ve been burning through Social Marketing Strategists like butter over an open flame, then Elizabeth is the partner you absolutely need on your team!”
— Joseph Warren, CEO -, Tampa, FL


Our work with Elizabeth Fanslow aimed to help grow our revenues in our biofeedback clinic. We were thrilled when Elizabeth master minded the concept of an E-book from a local talk we gave and not only came up with the concept but is able to work with us to put together the finished product. Her skills at operation, sales and marketing, launching products and working in a chief operations officer capacity has greatly impacted the way we think and do business. This has impacted not just our production, but the speed in which we accomplish goals. We appreciate Elizabeth’s ability to cut through red tape, create a vision, execute and deliver.”
— Nicole McGuffin, MA, LPC, BCN - Founder of Amazing Brains Denver, CO

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