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Carol Westberry was introduced to us in May of 2014 by a dear friend of ours. She knew the kind of help Carol needed...and she knew that Elizabeth was the right person to help her get it done.

Carol is an HR Consultant and owns and operates The Westberry Group. She had worked one-on-one with companies for most of her entrepreneurial career and found herself doing the same work over and over for different companies. She had a dream to create HR Toolkits for small to medium size businesses. She had all the knowledge, but no system or process to make it all happen. A dream was about to be realized.


While Elizabeth and Carol worked steadily on creating the Toolkits, they knew they would need a new brand to go along with the new Toolkits.

Elizabeth worked with Sara Blette to create the new logo and color palate for Elizabeth knew that Sara could give the smart, but fun brand that represented Carol's personality.

Once the logo and colors were decided on, the HRToolKitsOnline Brand really started to blossom. Elizabeth created the graphics and built the new website.



Carol works solely with Elizabeth and her team to build a solid marketing plan and annual strategy for The Westberry Group and brands. 

Both companies have grown tremendously since 2014; with a 58% growth in her email / client list. The growth has been steady and intentional.

The audience that Carol reaches is a very specific audience and through email marketing, webinars, and social media we have been able to build a solid base of customers for her business.


Elizabeth and her team support every business and operational aspect of The Westberry Group and 

From creating lead magnets to building the sales funnel to developing and creating new programs and processes for the business. Elizabeth works with Carol to create the corporate strategy and implement each piece of the puzzle right down to the detail. The Westberry Group & is one of the few clients that Elizabeth and her team manage 100% of the operational, marketing, and strategy support.

I just finished up my third annual strategy session with Elizabeth. Spending time with her and working on my business is so much fun! Never thought I would hear myself saying that…because I am not a strategy person at all…as a matter of fact I despise it. But working with Elizabeth each year is so easy and yes…FUN! Not only do I love spending this time with her, but the work she gets accomplished during our sessions is empowering! She is just one of those people you love to spend time with!

Elizabeth has the most unique way of building strategy and can I say how much I love the way she takes my dreams for something new…hugs them like her own…and then helps me make them happen? Who does that? I have never known strategy building like this. We met last week and I just got my strategy plan for 2017 from her…all detailed out…and ready to implement. Elizabeth allows me to focus on the parts of my business that I love the most. I depend on her to take care of the rest!
— Carol Westberry, Founder & President of The Westberry Group &

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