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Business & Marketing Strategy - Chief Operating Officer for Your Business!

Lead Magnets

This is one of the most requested services we offer to our private social media clients. We’re sharing it here, with you; because we know first hand that the struggle is real! The time and energy that many business owners put into this process can end up costing them thousands of dollars in the long run - not to mention lost income in sales.

Are you finding it difficult to attract new customers to your business?

Do you wish more customers were coming to do business with YOU?

Do you want to stand out from your competition?

If the answer to these questions is YES...then work with me to create an easy way to connect with new customers!

As a matter of fact...this isn't a program at all.
This is a service - we do it for you!
you won't get a bunch of content through email telling you what you need to do!

I'm a Business & Marketing Strategist and I work with clients in the form of a Chief Operating Officer, using my Proprietary 6-Core Business System™:

  1. Human Resource Systems
  2. Design Systems
  3. Marketing Systems
  4. Customer Systems
  5. Technology Systems
  6. Operational Systems 

I am an Operational Expert and I've spent my career developing and designing these proprietary systems. 

The Marketing System includes email marketing, content and social strategy.


What happens on the back end of that process is where the magic happens for a business owner.

This is how he or she builds their email list and starts to attract customers that are interested in his or her business. The overwhelm that many business owners feel when starting a lead magnet project can be stifling.

This is one of the most requested services we offer to our private social media clients. We’re sharing it here, with you; because we know first hand that the struggle is real! The time and energy that many business owners put into this process can end up costing them thousands of dollars in the long run - not to mention lost income in sales.

Here’s what we’ll accomplish together:


Strategy Development

Through a call we will discuss your strategy, your target customer and agree on the content you will use as well as the format for delivery: Worksheet, Fact Sheet, Check List, or Short eBook.

Content Creation

With some content creation help from you and some research, development and branding on our part we will deliver a beautiful PDF product to use as your lead magnet.

Marketing Plan

You will also receive a written marketing plan about how to implement your lead magnet. We'll share the marketing processes you can use based on your social media platforms & website.

Author of Pilot to Profit - 

Author of Pilot to Profit - 

I’ve had this idea for a freebie that I’ve been stalling on for quite some time. It’s something that can really help entrepreneurs but I always have so much to do that it always ends up on the back-burner and doesn’t get done. I recently hired Elizabeth D Fanslow to help me and I’ve got to say, out of all the “Free” stuff I’ve done to help other entrepreneurs, what she is doing to help me take my idea from concept, to strategy, to completion is amazing. If you’ve been sitting on an idea and you know it’s getting in the way of you serving more people, you couldn’t ask for smarter and more reliable help to get it done for you than this woman.
— Lisa Larter

As I was under the process of rebranding and taking my business to a whole new level, I met with Elizabeth to create a special downloadable product to help those coming to my website for the first time begin the process of letting go to move forward and live fully. What I love about working with Elizabeth is that she gets it, all of it - from marketing and strategy, to messaging and positioning.

She also has a unique ability to create something that captures who you are and is on brand. I am very happy with “The Art of Living Fully”, a guide that Elizabeth poured her heart in soul into until it was completed and ready for the market. If you are looking to hire someone to help you create a product that will capture who you are and what you do, and have an impact on those you serve, I highly recommend Elizabeth!
— Pierrette Raymond

Here’s how the service works:

  1. First you’ll complete a Welcome Worksheet so that we can get to know you and your business better.
  2. Then we’ll schedule a 60-minute Strategy & Discovery call with to discuss your list building opportunities and determine what content and delivery method will work best.
  3. Your job will be spending a little time pulling together content. You might be using existing content or you may need to create something new.

    NOTE: You won’t have to create the content yourself – we will do that for you, but you will have to give us the big pieces…because nobody knows your content better than you!
  4. Once we have your content, it may be necessary for us to do some research, additional writing to create valuable content for your ideal customer. When we have it all together we will submit it to you for review.
  5. After you approve the final content text – we will get started on creating that perfect lead magnet design for you - here's where we use design and branding to make your lead magnet unique to you.
  6. You'll receive a PDF Lead Magnet in the format we agreed upon. We can go through up to 2-passes for reviews.
  7. Next, we'll work on what's needed to get your lead magnet loaded on your website and the setting up of the landing page (squeeze page) on your website.
  8. And the final part of our work together will be reviewing your email service to ensure your automation and email nurturing processes are set up properly.


You'll GET...

#1       Our Lead Magnet Tool - a check list to help you stay organized while marketing your lead magnet on your social media pages, website, etc;

#2       Our series of automated email samples to get you started setting up your automated nurturing emails;

And we're also giving you 30-Days of support after our work is completed!

#3       30-Days of Email Access to help guide you with questions after our work is completed. We want to be available to you to help you get the most out of our work together!

#4       And access to our PRIVATE Facebook Group where you will be a member for life with our community of like minded businesses owners who are also working to create new lead magnets. You can ask questions and get help from the community and from Elizabeth and her team!

Are you ready to get started?

Don’t waste any more time being stuck in this process! Get started today so you can start to build your online sales funnel and attract those customers who want to do business with you!


Ready to commit but still have some questions? Feel free to email Elizabeth directly at

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