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Business & Marketing Strategy - Chief Operating Officer for Your Business!


How We Do It

How We Do It!

As your business / marketing strategist we will focus on the convergence of strategy, design, and detail...because all of those things matter when you work with us!

We don't just create a business or marketing strategy for you each month - through Elizabeth's proprietary process you will feel your business strategy, your brand, and your marketing strategy working all together.

Her 3-step process ensures that:

  1. Strategy is strong and supports your business plan;

  2. Design compliments and supports your brand;

  3. Details are planned out and implemented right down to every specific need!

So What's our Proprietary Process?

Our proprietary process is our 6-Core System™:

  1. Business Systems
  2. Design Systems
  3. Marketing Systems
  4. Customer Systems
  5. Technology Systems
  6. Day to Day Operational Systems

We work with our clients in each phase of business growth. 

Here's some basic information on the process...

As we've shared above, the process includes 3-steps - let's walk through them real quick...


We get really comfortable with your vision and overall business strategy. How can we design a marketing plan for you if we don't dive deep into the long-term vision of your business as well as the why behind your vision.

Understanding the long-term outcome helps us identify with your value proposition and who your audience is and who they are not!


Our next step involves designing your strategy through your messaging, paths of market, website and brand. We really talk about how you want this to feel and from there we start to map out the marketing process and build the design of your marketing strategy.


Once the strategy and design are completed we lay out the steps (or the details, if you will) of what needs to happen. Here we create the systems and processes to help you move forward and get things done. We talk about who will be responsible for these tasks to ensure that your plan gets done.

(Do you work alone? Don't let this stop you - our 'Do It For You Services' can take care of every detail for you.)


We help you create a systems thinking approach to drive your marketing strategy. Online marketing changes every day and we want to make sure that you are using the resources available to you to keep you current and in front of your audience!

When you work with us, you will never have to worry about the social media learning curve again. We work hard to keep our clients updated with all the newest platforms, changes, and improvements.

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