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Getting Noticed Through Content Creation

Getting Noticed Through Content Creation: 

Creating a Process for Facilitating Good Content to Your Community, On Your Website and on Your Social Media Platforms!

  • Are you always searching for what to share on social media?
  • Do you feel as though content creation is overwhelming and daunting?
  • Do you feel like you have no control over what to create? When to create? And how to share it?

    I get asked all the time…” Why is creating content and sending newsletters so important to my business? It just seems like a lot of work…and for what?”

Yes, creating content is work, but so is anything worth building your business! Creating content has become the most important piece of marketing plan. When you develop, and share content on a consistent basis, here’s what happens:

1.    You lend yourself as an expert in your field – sharing content in your field or industry helps people see you as an expert in your field. People want to work with people who know what they are doing!

2.    Drives people to your website – when you post blog posts and share your content on your website, not only does it increase your SEO ratings, but it also drives people to your website. Sharing content through newsletters, sent to your list, pushes people to your website.

3.    And the most important – creating content that helps deliver good valuable information helps you build relationships. Building good relationships is where you want to do business!

So, if you’ve tried to create a consistent content process but haven’t been able to make it happen – you need to be on this webinar!

Here’s what you will get in this Webinar:

  • You’ll learn how to create a 30-Day Content Strategy;
  • You’ll learn a simple system to create 4-weeks of blog posts, how to schedule your newsletters around your blog and manage how you share that content on social media.

This webinar is not a high-level coaching webinar to tell what you should be doing…this webinar is a step-by-step tutorial to help you create your next 30-day content calendar. You won’t just be talking about what to do, you will be creating a process and building the tasks!



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Creating An Email List in MailChimp

You know the importance of collecting email addresses on your website. But if you're collecting email addresses and not engaging with the people who signed up you're missing the opportunity to engage with people who are interested in your content and possibly doing business with you!

This webinar is to help you set up your email list using the mail service MailChimp. During this webinar you'll learn:

  • How to Set Up Your List
  • Create Your Automated Email Response
  • And Send Your First Newsletter


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