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Business & Marketing Strategy - Chief Operating Officer for Your Business!

Design System Audit

We audit three specific areas of your business: your brand / logo / feel, your website, and your social media platforms and marketing. Using our unique Design System™ we review specific points of entry to your business to ensure that your brand, messaging, and design are on-point, cohesive, and representative of your business.

Solidify Your Brand & Message!

Creating on Point Branding & Messaging In All Places!

  • Do you have Brand Fatigue?
  • Experiencing Website Shame?
  • Is your Messaging Off or Disjointed?
  • Is Your Social Media or Marketing Message Inconsistent?

There's nothing worse that sending mixed messages to your target audience. You're attending a networking event and share your 30-second commercial and hand your potential prospect your business card with your website address. Your prospect is feeling pretty good about hiring you and goes back to her office to check your website to learn more about how you can work together.

Your website brand and message are old and outdated. Your services have changed and what your prospect is looking at doesn't even match what she thought you did. She even checks the link to make sure she hasnt  landed on the wrong website. 

Does this sound familiar?

Businesses Grow & Change

It's normal for your business to grow and change, but when you neglect your brand and messaging during those changes you can send mixed messages to your prospects and clients. 

  1. Your Brand:
    Look at your logo, does it feel good to you? Does it precisely convey your message? 
  2. Your Website:
    Do you look at your website, do you have website shame?
  3. Your Message:
    This one requires a partner - Show them your website and ask them to explain to you how they would work with you.

    Without any input from you, does your messaging adequately explain what you do and how they can work with you?
  4. Your Social Media:
    Marketing on Social Media Platforms? Is the message the same? Is your brand consistent from the ad to your landing page? Or do you feel like you landed on the complete wrong page?
  5. Your Marketing:
    Do you see a harmonious connection between your website, business cards, and marketing material? Is your brand and message consistent throughout all touch points?

Now that you've completed the 5-Point Designs System Audit Challenge...

You might be feeling that your logo doesn't reflect your business any longer;

You might be seeing that your customers don't really understand your current messaging and in turn they don't really understand how to work with you;

You're probably noticing that your website is in need of brand refresh and or a message update;

You might be feeling that your marketing and social media feel disjointed from your branding and messaging on your website.

If any of these statements represent how you're feeling...Let's work together!


I'm a Business & Marketing Strategist and I work with clients in the form of a Chief Operating Officer, using my Proprietary 6-Core Business System™:

  1. Human Resource Systems
  2. Design Systems
  3. Marketing Systems
  4. Customer Systems
  5. Technology Systems
  6. Operational Systems 

I am an Operational Expert and I've spent my career developing and designing these proprietary systems. 

The Design System reviews specific points of entry into your business to ensure that your brand, message, and design are on-point and aligned, by creating clarity in your messaging and improving engagement and revenue.

What is a Design System Audit?

Brand / Logo / Feel


Website / Graphics

Graphic Design.png

Social Media Platforms / Marketing

We audit three specific areas of your business: your brand / logo / feel, your website / graphics, and your social media platforms and marketing. Using our unique Design System™ we review specific points of entry to your business to ensure that your brand, message, and design are on-point, cohesive, and representative of your business.

Here's How It Works:

  • We start by reviewing your brand: the logo, the colors, and the look and feel. What message does your brand convey? Does it look old and tired - does it align with your purpose?

  • Next we will dig deep into your website: How well does your brand flow into your website? Are the brand colors used cohesively throughout the site? Is your messaging on-point? Can prospects easily figure out how to work with you? Can visitors move easily through the website or is the layout confusing and hard to maneuver? Is it atheistically pleasing? Do your graphics represent your brand in a positive way?

  • And lastly we will review your Social Media Platforms (Facebook and one other platform) to ensure your message is consistent and your brand is adequately portrayed in graphics, headers and profile pictures. Are you marketing on your social media platforms? Are your landing pages consistent with your brand and message?

We will do an in-depth review of all the touch points within your business where you might be missing areas of opportunity to increase engagement through your website and increase revenue through potential prospects. 

Here's a Case Study from a Design System Audit:

The Original Brand

We performed a Design System Audit on the Revealing Redesign Brand before we began building her new website. You can read more about the process here. We took her old brand and retired the cartoon design, but kept her logo and colors. We came out with a much sleeker and sexier website with an on-point message update. Now clients coming to the website know exactly how to engage. And by showcasing the images of her work we were able to increase her credibility as a designer, therefore increasing engagement through her website.

Erin Cochran of Revealing Redesign had this to say...

Right away I saw that Elizabeth was so capable, immediately saw the changes that needed to be made, and came up with a doable plan to implement the things we talked about. Previously I had known that my website wasn’t doing a good job at showcasing my talents to potential customers, but I would always become overwhelmed when I tried to think through the next steps. Through a couple of phone conversations, Elizabeth cut through all of my confusion and overwhelm right away, and got down to the heart of what needed to be done.
Working with Elizabeth, things moved forward quickly and easily for me —which is so important with all that I already have on my plate. Her insights and talents have resulted in a new GORGEOUS, and cohesive website for my business. The new site has a beautiful simplicity in function and message, and because of that I have started to get new business directly from my website, which is a totally new phenomenon!

As Part of the Design Audit You'll Get:

  • A detailed written report that outlines all of our findings and recommendations;
  • We will clearly define ares of opportunity related to your brand;
  • Recommendations and suggestions on how to improve your website;
  • An in-depth review of any recommendations and suggestions on how to improve your messaging;
  • Detailed information on how to make your social media platforms work more effectively;
  • We'll finish up our time together with a 30-minute debriefing call where we will review your roadmap of exactly what needs to happen in your business. And I will answer any questions you might have regarding the report.

You'll Also receive:

  • A 10% discount toward any design services that you hire us for, as part of this audit within 30-days of completing your audit.

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