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Creating Quality Autoresponders

Elizabeth Fanslow

This week let’s chat about autoresponders. You may know what they are and what they are used for, or you might not. In any case, let’s define them before we start…I like the definition that Kissmetrics uses…

“An autoresponder is a series of emails, usually focused on a specific topic, delivered in a pre-determined sequence at pre-determined intervals. The process can begin when someone subscribes to your general email list.”

Autoresponders are an integral part of your marketing. Many people don’t understand why or how they are used. When you use a series of autoresponders it helps you build trust with your new prospect.

If you’re having issues with creating your autoresponders, we can create them for you! We work directly with our clients to determine the messaging, content, quantity, and when they should be delivered. We work with you in conjunction with special projects, as well as launches.

Here are six ways you can ensure that your autoresponders series are serving your business in the best possible way:

  1. Always personalize your emails – start out saying, Good Morning Elizabeth! Or Dear Elizabeth, in the salutation line. Addressing the person by the first name creates a more personalized email. You can also add personalization in the body of your email using merge tags.

    (However, you can only do this if you collect the person’s first name when they sign up on your list. If you are only collecting email addresses, this option won’t work for you.)
  2. Create a minimum of 4-5 emails in your autoresponder series. Don’t just send the one welcome email and then go away. Reach back out to the prospect at least three or four more times. Your goal in an autoresponder series is to give good valuable information and to build trust. Your prospect can get a good idea, through the autoresponder series, what you can help them with or why they want to continue to subscribe to your emails. Otherwise, they only hear from you once in your welcome email…and then they roll into your regular newsletter rotation.

    (That is if you’re sending one.)
  3. Keep your autoresponders focused on the right topic. If your prospect signed up to get a white paper on social media, make sure your autoresponder series speaks directly to social media and about the topics in the white paper. Giving more and more valuable content around the topic they are interested in will keep them engaged. Teach your prospects to open your emails.

    (I mean, why wouldn’t they? You’re giving them good information, right?)
  4. Never follow up your welcome autoresponder with a sell. No one likes to be sold too, especially when they just met you. I’m not saying you can’t sell in your autoresponder series, what I am saying is don’t do it too early or you will lose them quickly.

    (Learn to date your prospect before you ask them to marry you.)
  5. Use your autoresponders to get the prospect back to your website, because once they are on your website you can get them looking around and learning more about what you do. You can do that by sharing older blog posts or by offering more freebies.

    (Your job is to get them to the website – after that…your website must be able to keep them in and make the sale.)
  6. Keep your autoresponders short and sweet. In other words, don’t give your new prospect a book to read, because trust me when I say…they won’t read it. Also, keep in mind that many of your readers might be reading your email from their telephone. So always be cognizant of the bulk, layers, pictures, etc. you place in your emails.

    (KISS – Keep it simple sweetheart!)

As a business owner, creating autoresponders is the last thing you want to do, we get that. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We work on a project by project basis, as well as annual packages where we are available to you for all your project needs. Email us at to get started on your next project!