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Developing a CRM System for your Small Business

Elizabeth Fanslow

“It’s so easy Bella,” she said to me over a cup of coffee. 

That’s what Silvana Capaldi, of Ispirare Group, told me last week when we met to discuss creating a CRM system for my business. Silvana works with service professionals to increase sales by developing lead generation, pipeline management, and tracking.

C-R-M stands for Customer Relationship Management. At its simplest, a CRM system allows businesses to manage business relationships and the data and information associated with them.” – SalesForce

I’ve been building my own lead generation and pipeline online for several years, and I know how to do it very well. I’ve also been lucky in the past few years, as most of my business comes from referrals. 

Maybe your business runs something like mine. I take business as it comes in, and sometimes, it can overwhelm me and create crazy weeks and months. You have your mouth on the faucet, and someone turns it on full blast. You’re doing your best to take it all in and not let any of it spill out…but your mouth only holds so much. 

You’ve been conditioned to not turn business away. But when you don’t have a system to generate business when you need it, you end up keeping your mouth under the faucet to keep your business making money. 

Do you sit back and wait for business to come to you, or have you built deliberate systems that bring business to you when you want and need it?

You might be thinking that your business is too small to effectively use a CRM system, but here’s the thing…when you use your CRM system properly, you will increase your productivity, increase your revenue, and build better customer service mechanisms. 

I’m just getting started using an actual CRM, but here are three things I’ve learned that will help your business when it comes to sales and using a CRM:

•      Referrals

Keep track of those who refer business to you. I’ve always had a firm grasp on the people who refer business to me. They are important to me, but as my business has grown, keeping track of referrals is getting harder to manage. 

Referral sources are a key part of my customer service. I appreciate them and want to take care of them, and you should be taking care of your referral sources, too.

•      Court Your Prospects

Remember, no doesn’t mean no…it just means not today. Keeping prospects in a CRM system helps you create effective marketing strategies to reach these prospects when they are ready to say yes!

Using your CRM properly, helps you develop relationships and keeps you in front of those prospects.

•     Managing the Metrics

And the most important reason a CRM is important to your business is that it helps you keep your prospects organized all in one place. It helps you manage the metrics. How long does it take you to convert a sale? How many contacts does it take to get the yes?A

CRM helps you keep all this information organized and available when you need it.

Are you currently using a CRM system in your business? I would love to hear one tip about how your CRM helps improve your business. Share a tip below!

If youd like to learn more about creating a CRM system, call my friend Silvana. She can help you build your CRM system too! Email her at