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Big Ideas – No Implementation!

Elizabeth Fanslow

Why Cant You Get This Done?

You’ve had this big idea for months…years…but you’re still playing with it. You can’t seem to get it out of your head. You’ve doodled about it in your journal…but it’s still a dream.

You close your journal, and you close your dream.

Here’s the thing…I believe you are only given so many great ideas in life, and it’s your responsibility to either make those ideas work…or allow yourself to release them, and move on to the next great idea coming your way.

When you sit on a great idea, you dream about how amazing it will be. But when you keep dreaming and put off making it happen, you’re cheating yourself, your business, your customers and your clients.

If that idea is big and massive and you feel so passionate about making it happen…then you need to get moving forward. Yes, it might be messy and uncomfortable, but it’s a big, massive dream, right?

I’ll let you in on a secret…as the creator of this dream, it may not be in the cards for you to take this idea to the finish line…alone, that is. Maybe you need some help. Maybe you need someone who thinks in systems to help you pull that idea from your head, and create a detailed system to make it happen.

For several years, I have been burdened with the knowledge that I am to create a space for women to have the kind of conversation and connection women long for as they evolve. After sharing this with Elizabeth, she said she could help me. We came together for two days in my environment. I did a little pre-work to help me get clarity and to help me let go and let the process work. Before the end of the second day, we did it!  

Not only did I walk away with a crystal-clear understanding of what I was to do, I had a plan. Elizabeth also helped me to take the first steps in bringing it into fruition. What first seemed ominous and bigger than me, became exciting and doable.

Elizabeth’s process is uncomplicated. It flows, and it feels good. It is effective whether it is applied to business or a soul-deep purpose that needs to be birthed.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for your gift of wisdom, clarity, and a simple plan that will have a profound impact.

If you’re looking to bring an idea to life, let’s talk. There is nothing like the feeling of working on your dream or big idea and having all the pieces fit together. I can do that for you. I use my 6-Core Business System to build and develop systems to bring your idea to life.

When your mission is bigger than you…email me at Let’s work together!