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In Need of a Design Update?

Elizabeth Fanslow

Are you feeling like your brand is a little outdated or in need of a pick me up? If you’re getting sick of your design or look, chances are your clients might be, too.

Or maybe your brand or image is no longer serving your business.

Our Design System™ is one of the 6-Core Systems™ that we use to work with our clients. The five areas we review:

•      Your Brand

•      Your Business Look & Feel

•      Graphics

•      Website Design

Changing your full brand is the job for a branding specialist. And when you need a complete overhaul, that is who you should be working with. However, what if you just need a fresh, new look and feel?

A fresh new look and design can breathe life back into your business image and marketing! If your website looks exactly as it did two years ago…and in some cases, even a year ago, then you need to step back and look at how your business is coming across.

Does your content need to be updated?

Do you need to make some changes to graphics and images on your website?

If you want potential customers or clients to come back to your website frequently, then you must give them a reason to come back and check in.

Even making changes to your logo colors and website design can make a huge impact on how people see your business. Over the last few months, I’ve done quite a few Design System Audits to client’s websites and social media platforms.

Every audit starts with these five questions:

1.    Look at your website. Does the front page ever change? Do you change up the information on your front page?

2.    Could your logo use a fresh, new look? Does it still reflect your business the way it did when you first created it?

3.    When you enter your website, does it have the look and feel that you are trying to portray? Does it flow smoothly, or does it feel clunky and disjointed?

4.    Does your website use graphics that support and enhance your image? Are they cohesive with your brand?

5.    Are you using graphic images on your social media pages that support your brand?

If any of your answers to these questions cause you to question your brand or image, it might be time for an update! If you’re interested in learning more about a Design Audit and how it can benefit you? Stay tuned for more information next week!