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Using Your Brand, Message, and Design…

Elizabeth Fanslow

I saw your ad on Facebook, and I love the program youre selling. The graphics in your ad are amazing, and they caught my attention right away.  Then I started reading your post about the program youre offering, and I wanted to know moreso I clicked on your ad to see what its all about! You sent me to your home pagewith no information about your new programI think I’ll pass.”

You went to all the trouble to advertise on Facebook to sell your new program or service. You took a lot of time to create the graphics for your Facebook ad but didn’t feel it was necessary to create a landing page / splash page for your new program?

Or you created the page, but the branding is off and doesn’t match your ad. The graphics aren’t the same, and they don’t instill the same emotion as the ad.

What went wrong, and why did you lose my sale? Check out the blog post this week as we discuss how to align your marketing and website.

Creating a Clear Call to Action on Splash / Landing Pages!

Each time we create a new program or service, we must go through a process of creating the right messaging that will help it sell. As in the example we shared above…when you create the marketing through ads to drive people to your website, you better have a clear call to action on the page you’re sending them to…here’s why.

When I saw your ad, you had me intrigued. I took the time to click on your ad, which in this case, sent me to your website. However, when I got there, you took me to your home page. There wasn’t a dedicated sales page that grabbed me and pulled me in to learn more.

When a reader takes the time to click over into your website, you must manage their expectations, and lead them through the sales process. Selling online is much different than selling in person. You need to create an experience…a direct and specific call to action.

Creating a splash page or landing page for your new product or service is essential in helping your potential prospect understand why they should buy from you.

When you don’t take the time to create a splash page, and instead, take them to your home page where you have a few words about your program and a “click here to buy” button, you will most likely lose the sale.

And just a side note…the more expensive your program or service, the bigger the experience you need to create.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your brand, message, and design in mind when creating that new splash / landing page:

  • Create a good message, and make sure the message is in line with your brand. Keeping your message in alignment with your branding helps create a cohesive sales experience for your prospect.
  • There is a recommended flow of content (message) for your splash / landing page. There are several different ways marketers write content to manage the expectations for the prospect. For instance, starting out with specific pain points that your prospect can relate to is important. When your prospect starts to feel understood, they will keep reading. For instance, look at the pain points I share in my Lead Magnet Service Sales Page…

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 10.35.34 AM.png

  • Use graphics and fonts that match and blend with your brand. Consistency helps your prospect better understand your brand, vision, and what you’re all about. Colors, shapes, fonts, and design are very important.

Creating that experience of flow helps your prospect focus on what you’re selling. In this example, from the same splash page, you can see how my colors, patterns and style run consistent with that of my website and brand. It doesn’t feel disjointed.

Take your time, and put some thought into the messaging of your new product and service. Share the pain points, and then tell your prospect how you can help them. Keep your brand, message, and design consistent with the rest of your web design to create consistency and flow.

If you’re having trouble keeping a consistent flow from your website to your marketing, take advantage of myDesign System Audit. I will clearly define areas of opportunity and share recommendations and suggestions on how to improve your messaging. You can learn more about my Design System Audit by clicking the button below!