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I'm More Confused Than Ever!

Elizabeth Fanslow

“I’m visiting your website today! I’m interested in doing business with you. I met you at a networking event last week, and you gave me your business card. I need to reach out to you, because I need your services.

You told me what you do, and from what I heard, I think we need to work together. But before I call you, I’m going to do a little online research. I want to learn just a little bit more about you. I see your website address here on your card – let’s go have a quick look.”

“Oh…well okay. “

“The logo on your business card doesn’t quite match the logo on your website and neither do the colors. But, let’s not worry about that. Let me look at the content on the site. Hmmm…well, I thought you told me you could handle this type of service for me, but I don’t see that listed here in your services. As a matter of fact, your services aren’t really what I thought you said you did.

Maybe I misunderstood what you do, but I thought for sure you told me you could help me with my need. Now I’m really confused! Well, maybe I should find someone else.”

Has this ever happened to you? You connected, and you thought for sure that lead you made at the networking event was going to call you…but there was no call…

Your website isn’t all about you!

Well, it is ‘about’ you, but it’s really about the visitor. What I mean is…your website must appeal to your visitor.

The visitor, your prospect, has landed on your website because they need something. They want to do business with you, they want to buy something from you, or they want to learn more about you or your business. They are looking for something, or they wouldn’t be there, right?

So, what can you do to keep people on your website and interested in what you offer? The answer to that is to make sure your message and your purpose are clearly aligned. Keep your prospect in mind and see what you can do to make their life better. Help them increase sales, help them sleep at night…whatever it is that you offer.

  • Remember why your prospect is on your page. Give them what they need. The right messaging tells your prospect that you have the solution they need.

    (Speak to the pain your prospect is feeling – grab their pain and then give them the solution!)
  • Your messaging should be written in a way that doesn’t overwhelm your prospect. The last thing they want to do is to come to your website, and read pages and pages of content. Keep it short and simple – get to the point. Tell me how you can help me!

    (Learn how to communicate with your prospect – it shouldn’t take tons of content to tell your prospect how you can help them.)
  • Create a visually appealing website. People are engaged with graphics. They will look at the graphics first, before they read anything. Use graphics that complement your brand, bullets to break up the text, and leave adequate white space. Make it welcoming and easy to navigate.

    (Nothing is worse than landing on a page that has so much content on it that your eyes don’t know where to go first.)
  • You’ve grabbed their attention, so they need what you are selling. Lead them through the process of hiring you. Don’t make it difficult to get in touch with you. Lead your prospect through the process using the proper navigation. Whether they need more information, want to reach out to you by telephone, or fill out a form for more information…direct them down the path to take action! Give clear ‘call to action’ direction.

    (Use Read More, Make an Appointment, Purchase Now to take your prospects where they need to go.)

How many times have you listened to a 30-second commercial at a networking event and walked away, still having no clue what the person does for a living? Many of us have a clear understanding of what we do, but when we try to tell other people, they seem confused.

What sounds really clear in your head doesn’t always sound clear in someone else’s. It’s because we are too caught up in our own stuff!

We know what we do, we know it well, but the person you just met doesn’t have that same clear understanding, and we don’t always do such a great job of explaining it.

This happens on your website, too. How can a prospect know how to work with you if they don’t understand what you do…and worse yet, how can they refer other potential work to you if they don’t quite understand what you do?

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