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Has Your Brand Grown With You?

Elizabeth Fanslow

When your brand and message need a little refresher!

Some people go all out when they create their brand. New colors, logo, website, pictures, graphics…the whole nine yards. I think all of this is important when designing your brand. I think it’s important, because it works. And it works because most of us are visually attracted to graphics and images that look good, feel good, or stir emotions.

With the world paying so much attention to the visibility of brands, why wouldn’t you make every effort to make yours better so you stand out above the rest?

First impressions are so important. Think back to the last time you entered a business website that felt unattractive, outdated and hard to find what you were looking for? It was probably easier to click out and go find another business that made you feel good when you opened their website and made it easier to find what you were looking for.

Creating a new brand can be expensive, but in most cases…worth every penny. When you need to create a whole new brand, you should seek out a branding expert who knows what they are doing. But what about when your brand and messaging just need a little re-fresher?

You’ll probably gain a lot of insight by doing a Design System Audit™. Through the process of helping clients refresh their brands by updating their websites and messaging, I have created this in-depth audit. The focus is to help business owners learn more about how they are using their brand and message throughout their marketing, website, and social media platforms.

The three areas we dive into together are:

1.     Your Brand / Logo / Feel

2.     Your Website / Message

3.     Your Social Media Platforms / Marketing

Are they reflecting the business you’re building today, or are they outdated, inconsistent, and non-cohesive? The Design System Audit was created to help you build a foundation for your brand, as well as your message.

Here are three things I challenge you to do

1.     Look at your logo, does it still feel good to you? Does it precisely convey your message?

2.     Share your website with someone who doesn’t know what you do and ask if they know how to work with you by looking at the messaging on your website. Have them tell you how they might approach you to do business.

3.     Have a Facebook Ad running right now? Screen grab your ad, and then go to the landing page you are pushing people to from your ad. Compare your ad to your landing page. Are the messages the same? Is the branding consistent from the ad to the landing page?

Did you answer NO to any of these challenges

NO, my logo doesn’t reflect my business any longer.

NO, they couldn’t figure out how to work with me, or they totally mis-understood how to work with me.

NO, the branding and the messaging don’t match, and there may be some confusion when clicking from the ad to the landing page.

Let me know how you made out on the challenge - email me with your answers. And stay tuned next week as I roll out the Design System Audit!