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The Fear Around Generating Content

Elizabeth Fanslow

Releasing Your Fear Around Generating Content.png

If there’s anything I can speak to honestly…it’s the fear around creating content. I started creating consistent content in January of 2016. Every week for over a year now I have produced a newsletter and in 99% of those is a corresponding blog post on my website.

However, I can tell you that before that, the fear I felt around putting myself out there for others was overwhelming and downright sickening to my stomach.

I never knew what to write about or if people would read my content and say…’what the hell is she talking about?’ I always felt there was someone out there already talking about "the stuff" I wanted to write about or that I didn’t have quite enough experience to be the one out there talking about "the stuff".

But slowly I started to find my own voice…and it wasn’t of my own doing but that of my business advisor who kept pushing me each week to find a topic to talk about. If there is one thing I took from her pushing…it was this:

Yes, you may be saying the same things that others are saying, but they aren’t saying it like you can and people who like you and respect you will listen to you and will follow you. You will create a community of people who want to hear what you have to say…so talk to them.

Week after week, I created content. At first, I stuck with technical pieces…helping people better understand how to do things in social media, on their websites, and through their marketing. While people were listening, I didn’t feel like I was sharing the best part of me and what I could offer a community.

Again…I changed gears a little and started sharing more strategy and more of my knowledge around creating systems and processes. People started listening and paying attention…and business started to pick up. I have made several changes in how I deliver my content over this past year. Each time, that fear subsides, and I can see my business growing. I know this works…and I want it to work for you, too!

Here are the fears I heard from those that took the time to talk to me this week…

  • I suck at writing;
  • I am an introvert and don’t feel comfortable reaching out this way;
  • I don’t even know how to get started doing this;
  • I don’t know what to write about that will appeal to my audience or ideal client;
  • I feel like no one reads what I write, so why should I waste my time;
  • I worry people will judge my abilities, so I just don’t share;
  • I sell “x”, and I have no idea how to create content around what I sell.

Please know that your fears are not unique to you. We have all felt them, and let’s be honest…I still feel them. There are times when I write about something that I am not sure I want to put out into the world for fear of being judged. The fears never go away; they usually appear in different places.

That’s why the webinar this week is so important for you to attend. Here’s what I know for sure…when you create a system for getting something done, the fear will start to subside. Why? Because you will have a plan, and you will start to feel like you have control over the process. You will start to feel like you have an expertise around the system.

And we all feel more confident when we know what we’re doing…right?

Join me on Thursday the 23rd of February, and let me help you create your system around your next 30-days of content strategy. There are limited seats because I want to work with a handful of people, and I want to see you make progress.

We will do this together, and if you have an email list, I promise that by the end of this webinar, you will be ready to send out your first newsletter and post your first blog.

But we won’t be stopping there…we will create 4-weeks of blog posts and newsletters for your business so you can release the fear! I will be right there with you, because you can do this. (Just like I did!)

If you’ve been on the fence about joining me for this webinar – now is the time to register! I hope to see you there!