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Revealing A Whole New Design

Elizabeth Fanslow

When Erin Cochran and I first spoke on the telephone and I reviewed her website, I thought she was one of those amazing people that could come into your home and change the look and feel of a room by re-arranging furniture…you know…seeing an entire new room that you were incapable of seeing

But then I started to see pictures of her work…an entire old home renovated from top to bottom, a brand-new kitchen…and yes, tons of spaces re-designed to look nothing like they did before. I thought to myself…” This woman is amazing, and wow, is she talented! She doesn’t just re-imagine a room; she can create a brand new one, too!”

She had mentioned that she might be looking to re-design her website, and I jumped at the chance to let her know that while I loved her brand, it was no longer showing up in a way that complimented her talent. Below, is a peak at her adorable brand before we started.

My goal was to create a website that would “WOW” any visitor who clicked into her website. I wanted them to be as amazed with her work as I was, so I went for a white, modern, and clean look.

I wanted the viewer to look at the website and have their eyes to be drawn to her work…not be distracted by a fancy website design. What we came out with on the other side was a website that is smooth, sexy, and impressive.

Erin also found that the type of clients and work she wanted had changed since her last website build, so we worked on creating a more defined services menu. I wanted people coming to her website to know exactly how to work with Erin and what she could do for them.  

After working with Erin to get clear on her services, we created three specific areas to focus on, and from there we blended the website around these three areas of expertise. 

Reimagining Your Business

 Have you ever gone to a networking event and heard someone give their 30-60 second elevator speech, but you still didn’t understand what they do? 

So many times, we take for granted that people will understand how to work with us, when in all actuality, they can’t even imagine how to refer people to us.

 One of the things I love to do with business owners is to make them see their business from a different perspective. If you’re looking for a way to re-imagine your business in 2017, I want to work with you.

When you start to build a strategic business perspective, sharing what you do with potential clients becomes simple. So many times, business owners know what they do but can’t find a way to build a business around their ideas and concepts, let alone explain it in a way that sells their services.

In Erin’s case, her business wasn’t broken at all…her services had just changed. She knew that it was time to make some changes, and this process was easy and painless for her.

Now she has an amazing new website that showcases her new business objectives and her talent, giving her a whole new direction for 2017!

Here's what the project consisted of:

  • Redesigned the Revealing Redesign Brand: We didn't change the brand, we just freshened it up and brought a different look and feel to it. We kept the logo and colors.
  • Next we reviewed all the content on the website and redesigned the message and services thereby creating clear service descriptions and eliminating services that no longer served the business.
  • And finally we redesigned the website using Squarespace, allowing the work of Revealing Redesign, carry the look and feel of the new website.