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Take The Jump!

Elizabeth Fanslow

After my webinar, last week, a few emails started trickling in. I heard three messages loud and clear! (I did a webinar on MailChimp; creating your list, creating your autoresponder, and sending out your first newsletter – click here if you ‘d like to watch it.)

“I am terrified to send out my first newsletter.”

“I become paralyzed when I try to write a blog post or newsletter…I never know what to write about.”

“I can’t pull the trigger, because I never feel like it’s good enough.”

First – Get your word out there, and talk to your community. I remember when I first started sending newsletters…I was sporadic and didn’t have a schedule. When the mood hit me to write something, I would send it. I tried to send something out once a month, but honestly, that just wasn’t enough.

People can forget about you if they only hear from you every 30-45 days. Make your voice heard, and talk to your community every week!

Secondly – For so many, the creativeness of writing is overpowering, and trying to get something written seems like a never-ending task. Let me give you a tip…think about the questions that your customers and clients are asking. I keep a notebook of all the things people ask me, and I write about them in my blog posts and newsletters. (Just like I’m doing right now.)

You see…if one person asks a question, they are probably not the only one who has that question or needs help in that space. So start keeping track of where you see people tripping up in your industry, and prove yourself to be the expert in the area by giving them valuable information around the topic, idea, or issue.

And my third tip – Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. You are human, and accidents happen. Sending out a newsletter with a mistake is not the end of the world. Heaven knows I’ve sent my share. (I sent one out last week with the wrong time for my webinar.) It happens to everyone, so don’t be so hard on yourself.

Do your best to proof read your newsletter. Sending a professional newsletter is important, don’t get me wrong, but just know that mistakes will happen. I have a member of my team review my content, and together we do a much better job. I’m sure mistakes slip through the cracks…but as the saying goes…it’s better done than perfect!

If you need a little help and support in getting your first newsletter out, come join my Facebook Private Group: Strategy | Design | Detail. We will support you there and help you pull the trigger. We will support you every week as you write your newsletter, and email it out. If you find yourself stuck…come on in the group, and ask for some help or guidance. We have some awesome people in the group who are always willing to help when you need it.

We also offer tools that help you stay accountable to meet your deadlines. You can access our monthly goal worksheet, and take advantage of our reminders to get your newsletter completed. We even share our newsletters with each other to help build our following.

Remember, you aren’t the only one who has a fear around releasing your first newsletter…we have all been there. But you can do this…so lets get started!