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What's Up With Your Newsletter?

Elizabeth Fanslow

I recently ran across an article on Social Media Examiner from Darren Rowse. The article was called, ‘Advanced Blogging: How to Make Your Blog Serve Your Business.’ As I read through the article, it occurred to me that what he was sharing also applied to newsletters.

Are your newsletters serving your business?

With our January webinar coming up I thought this information would be helpful to you as well, so I wanted to share my take on his article…except to apply it to your newsletter.

Rowse shares nine different elements in his article, but for the sake of this blog post I want to focus on only five of them. I think these five items are important for anyone sending a newsletter to their community…so let’s get started!

  • What Tone or Voice Are You Using? I love this one the most. Rowse starts out by asking what type of tone or voice do you use in your newsletter?

    Conversational / Teaching / Storytelling

    If you read a ton of newsletters like I do…start looking for their style. How are they written? I have had people trying to change the voice of my newsletters since I started. But here’s the thing….my newsletters are conversational. I write like I talk. I like to chat with people…not talk to them. My style is a mix between conversational and teaching.

    Besides…my husband tells me that I am not too good at telling stories, but he bases that off my son who is the master storyteller!
  • Evergreen or Time Sensitive? Are you writing your newsletter to be something that can be read at any time or is it time sensitive? Creating time sensitive newsletters are important if you are offering a product or service by a specific date. However, if you are just sharing or teaching…your content is evergreen and can be read at any time…and it can be used again!

  • What’s Your Intent? When you sit down to distribute your newsletter…what exactly is your intent? Is it to inform your reader about something specific, to educate them about something new, or is it just to interact and stay in the forefront of their thoughts?

    Know your intent when you write – creating a newsletter for the sake of creating one will not help build your business or be beneficial for your tribe. Time is valuable, so respect their time!
  • Frequency? When I talk to clients about the frequency of their newsletters, they start to squirm a little. I get that…you may have heard me tell the story about the first time I committed to sending a newsletter every week. I resisted…what would I talk about? People would get sick of hearing from me…but I committed to sending a newsletter every week.

    Whatever frequency you decide to commit to…commit to it! Stay consistent…don’t skip scheduled time frames, and plan your content out ahead of time to keep your intent on mark.
  • Matrix? According to Rowse, “you have four types of content to consider here: written, video (live or recorded), audio or visual.”

    Most of us do written newsletters, myself included, but what about changing up the way you deliver the content? Doing Facebook Live videos? Pull one into your newsletter…using different types of platforms to appeal to different people.

These elements were a reminder for me. Even if you’ve been writing content or newsletters for a long time, it never hurts to re-visit these tips and apply it to your writing.

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