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How’s Your Sales Funnel Working For You?

Elizabeth Fanslow

What’s a sales funnel? I know the look…I get it all the time!

The phone call comes in and a new client needs to spend some time with me. The problem? They aren’t making any sales and they don’t know where to start.

Creating a really solid marketing strategy for your business is so important. In between taking care of your clients you have to worry about building your own business. I understand that it’s stressful to bring in new clients while servicing your existing ones. I totally get it!

But this week I wanted to share a way for you to do just that! It starts with building your sales funnel. Keep in mind this isn’t an overnight success. It takes time and patience, which is why you need to get started now…when your business is doing well.

Building your sales funnel is like the roots of a tree. When you first plant the tree the roots are close to the top of the ground, but as the tree starts to grow the roots dig deeper into the soil and become solid and purposeful. The roots help the tree stand tall in the ground and grow bigger and bigger.

 Your sales funnel starts out the same way. You may have only a few clients, but as you build your roots they become more solid and your audience (sales funnel) starts to grow. Building that audience takes lots of nurturing much like a tree. You have to water it and fertilize it at times. You can’t neglect it and expect it to take care of you if you aren’t going to take care of it.

The first step in building your sales funnel is finding your audience. You have to find those people who are interested in what you’re offering. Let’s say for example you are a speaking coach. How do you find people who are interested in the skills you teach? Simple, you create a free give away (lead magnet) that talks specifically about what you offer.  

Using this example...let me take you through the steps you take to start building your audience/sales funnel:


1.     First create an offer that shares valuable information for your perfect client. Maybe you work with people who need to feel more confident when speaking in public, or you work with public speaking people who have accents. No matter how specific your audience is you can create a lead magnet that will help you find that niche.

2.     Just like we talked about last week, start setting up the back end of the process. When you offer your new lead magnet on your website, and the consumer gives you their email address make sure your auto responder is set up to deliver your freebie and thank them for signing up.

3.     But don’t stop there…create a series of auto responders that give more valuable information around the topic of the lead magnet. If your lead magnet shared ‘10-Tips to Gain More Self-Confidence When Speaking in Public,’ give them 4 or 5 more emails around other information relating to this topic.

Space your emails out so as not to bombard your new subscriber.

4.     As you near the end of your nurturing series of emails, take the time to offer them one of your lower cost products or services. There are so many options to offer, such as discounts for being a new customer or a free 15-minute phone consultation.

5.     And once they have completed the nurturing sequence, fold them into your general list so you can continue to stay in contact with them through your regular email process. 

If you’re interested in learning more about creating a sales funnel using a lead magnet process, our brand new service might be what you are looking for. We are working with business owners to create their lead magnet and helping to guide them through the process of setting up their nurturing sequence. 

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