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Elizabeth Fanslow

Success and fulfillment in life rests on the unflagging ability to get up, to be ourselves, to chase our dreams with fire each day, to keep willing ourselves to the next level of presence and performance and potential. More broadly, our entire human value system rests on motivation.
— Brendon Bruchard

There is nothing like the first phone call with a new client to get both of you really worked up and motivated about creating something new or moving forward with a project.

And then something happens…and that motivation starts to wain a little. So I reach out and encourage them to stay the mission…keep moving forward. However, for most people it seems that life gets in the way and the next thing you know that new idea or project gets pushed to the back of the desk.

I’m too busy…I don’t have enough time…I have some personal issues to deal with right now…school is out and my kids are home…I’m not sure I can do this…

I see this mostly in women…because let’s face it, as women we tend to wear multiple hats and have not only work responsibilities but home and family ones as well. When you work a 9-5 job in corporate America, responsibilities get handled in that time frame. They have to or you would loose your job, right?

However, for women entrepreneurs, your business is usually what gets pushed down the priority list.

As a business and marketing strategist I do my fair share of working to keep business owners engaged, moving forward, and excited about the process and the end result. But I can only do so much when the business owners can’t keep themselves motivated to produce results to create a thriving business. These stops and starts create bumps that you have to hurtle over every time you start back up. That gets frustrating…who wouldn’t loose their motivation?

You start to feel like you are on the same dirt path every day and you can’t seem to make it over to the 4-lane highway where everyone else is experiencing success. You want to be driving on that highway so bad…waving at all of the other successful women.

We are almost at the end of 2016…and 2017 is coming upon us quicker than we all want to admit. If you were to take a minute and review the year of 2016 and look at all of your stops and starts, what would you find?

Those times when you couldn’t move forward because you were stuck, where family took priority over your business, where you were too fearful to step over the line into something bigger…can you see them? Those stops and starts? What did that cost you?

When you find yourself in these places where you aren’t moving forward, do a motivation check on yourself. Maybe you fit into one of these categories:

  1. If you’re feeling stuck – get unstuck!

    I know that sounds smart-assy…but I really mean it. If you were stuck in a ditch with your car, wouldn’t you call a tow truck to come get you out? If you were feeling stuck with making a decision about your family will, wouldn’t you call a lawyer who could help you decide what to do?

    So why is it when you feel stuck in your business, you push the problem to the back burner? Fear will cause you to drown! Trust me I know…I have been there.

    At the beginning of the year…I decided that I needed help with my business. I was doing okay for just me…but I wanted a bigger business that could support both my husband and me. I knew I couldn’t manage that on my own. I would need to hire help and build a team. That scared the shit out of me. So I reached out to someone who could help me prepare and get my business ready to build a team.

    It took me several months to build and prepare for that and even when I was ready…I was stuck in pulling the trigger so I worked 60-70 hour weeks trying to keep my head above water. I was afraid to take on that responsibility. What if I failed? What if I lost clients and couldn’t pay my staff? What if…what if…yea I had a lot of them!

    I hired a staff of two in August (thanks to the support and convincing of my business advisor) and my business has yet again started to grow and move forward to a new level.

    Don’t stay stuck – if you need help, get help!

    And remember, help comes in many forms…it could be a coach, a business advisor, or even an assistant to help you get things done when you are consumed with other responsibilities. If money is an issue…then find a friend or colleague that you can partner with to help you through areas that you can’t seem to get through on your own – and do the same for them. There are tons of women out there going through the same thing who would love to share accountability with you.

    And know this too...sometimes we feel like we can't financially make moves that will cost us money. Weigh the risks and don't be afraid to jump when the time is right for you, your business, and your family.

  2. You can’t be good at everything…that doesn’t make you a failure!

    Building a business is not always about being creative. It takes a business mind and lots of strategy and systems to make it successful. Don’t let that stop you from building your dream business.

    I am a business and marketing strategist and I work with clients every day who have dreams and ideas…with no idea of how to make them happen. But what I love about it, is that they don’t let that stop them. Of course they feel fear…but the desire to succeed outweighs the fear.

    There are plenty of people out there just like me who work with business owners on an everyday basis to build their businesses. Business owners understand that their super powers are in the creativity of the process, not the systems and processes of it. So they hire someone to do those things for them.


  3. And lastly, understand your home priorities and how they affect your business.

    If you are married with kids, then have the discussion with your spouse about your responsibilities and how you both have to work together to make this happen.

    If you choose to be your own boss and work from home and you have kids at home with you, GOOD FOR YOU…that is your choice. See that’s what is so great about having your own business, we can choose what priorities are most important to us.

    If you have kids home with you 5-days a week, plan time to put them in daycare for a few days a week to allow you to focus on your business. Or have a babysitter come into your home for a few hours a day to allow you to escape being a mommy and build your business.

    Being a mommy doesn’t mean you have to let go of your dreams. Trust me you can have both! But here is a point I really want to drive home to you right now…if being a mommy is what you want and your business is getting in the way of it…then make the decision to put your business on hold until you feel good about picking it back up. There are so many levels to being a mom and a businesswoman…pick the one that works best for you.

    Don’t exhaust yourself and multi-task to the point where no one gets the best parts of you, because that is not fulfilling a dream…that will make you miserable.

Design your life the way you want it, but don’t half-ass it to the point where you are frustrated and unmotivated with your dreams. You will slowly feel your passion draining from you and you will start to ask yourself why you are putting yourself through this…and really…why are you working so hard to make yourself so unhappy? Trust me…I tried to have my own business, work full time and raise two kids. I can tell you, that back then…I don’t think anyone got the best parts of me. I was tired and frustrated most of the time.

My kids are grown, married and I am a grandmother now…and my business is just now getting started. I am 51-years old. Do I feel a little behind the eight ball? Yes, sometimes…but I am here now and I am devoted to my dream 110%. That feels really good!

I want to leave you with a little more content from the book…

Psychologically, motivation is sparked by the energy created by ambition and expectancy. Ambition is the choice to be, have, do, or experience something greater in our lives. As soon as we want something greater for ourselves, our motivation is sparked. Do we want a better job? A better home? A better marriage? A better body? A better life? From such desires our energies are aroused; the higher the desire, the hire the initial sense of motivation we feel.

So we must go within and ask: What do I want for myself? What new goal would be meaningful for me? What am I excited about learning or giving? What great new adventure do I dream of? What grand pursuit or act of service will be satisfying to me and get me out of bed each morning? Such questions are the secret to stoking ambition, and thus motivation.
— Brendon Bruchard

Stay focused on your dream and don’t be distracted by busy-ness. Like me you have something way bigger envisioned in your life…or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Be intentional in everything you do.

Whether it’s devoting a few hours a week to getting your business started or having quality time with your family. Wherever you are…be there and be intentional with your time and your thoughts.