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Are You Nurturing Your Email List?

Elizabeth Fanslow

I have to admit…when I give someone my email address (which I don’t do too willingly) I get a little insulted when I don’t hear anything or receive anything within 1-2 days. Most auto responders are set up to respond IMMEDIATELY after you sign up. It lets that person who just entered their email address know they are appreciated.  

Actually…its just Great Customer Service!

Don’t collect email addresses on your website if you don’t have a strategy to communicate with them. Everyone tells you that you have to collect email addresses on your website – it’s the best way to build your list! But please don’t start collecting email addresses until you have a system in place that will nurture those leads.

You have to create the back end process that will engage with your new lead and let them know you appreciate their time and attention. This week I want to share with you the first three steps you need to take before you start collecting email addresses on your website:

1.     The first step is to create your process on paper…build your strategy. When someone signs up for your email list, what do you want to say to them?

a.     Send them something valuable that will help them (Based on your business model);

b.    Let them know how appreciative you are that they chose to engage with you;

c.     Tell them what they can expect as far as content and consistency in hearing from you.

2.     Next, select your email responder. Companies like MailChimp are great ways to start building your email list. The back end is simple to use and the cost to start is only $10. This is where you will build your list and create your auto responder emails.

When you use the sign up template from MailChimp (or any other service provider) the email is automatically added to your list and generates the auto responder. So no matter what time of the day or night, that person, who just gave you their email address, will receive an email immediately.

3.     And last but not least, follow up with them. Create a process for yourself that allows you to touch your email list at least once a month. I email every week, but if that seems intimidating to you start with once a month.

Send good quality content that will be beneficial for your reader and stay consistent. My business emails go out every Tuesday morning at 7AM ET. The people on your email list will get used to seeing your email in their inbox – so stay consistent!

The first question I ask our social media clients is…”are you emailing your list?” Many tell me no, we only have a few people on our list…what’s the point? Let me ask you a question…if you had a retail store and you had 2-3 people browsing, would you ignore them because your store wasn’t full? Of course you wouldn’t…the same goes for your email list.

When I first started emailing my list every week I had 26-people on my list. Yes, it felt like a ton of work to set up an email every week for only 26 people, but now my list has grown because I have nurtured it. I continue to put effort into growing it every day.

If you’re writing a blog post at least once a month, you have the content to go into your monthly email. You don’t have to have an elaborate newsletter with tons of information. As a matter of fact, I find too much information distracting for me.

 Keep it SIMPLE!

Share your latest blog post. Give the people on your email list some valuable education or information and then direct them to your blog to read more or to showcase your new product or service. Use this format to keep your business top of mind for your subscribers. Never be all sales…but don’t miss the opportunity to share an offer when it fits within your model.

I hope these tips have helped you better understand the email list process and how it can be beneficial for your business if used properly. If the technical piece is too confusing for you, let me know. We help business owners set up their lists and auto responders. We can get you set up and have you on your way to collecting email addresses and expanding your sales funnel.

Want to learn more about email management?

Email me at for more information. For a one-time service fee we create your email newsletter process and teach you how to manage your own weekly / monthly newsletter email process!

And if you are interested in ‘Do It For You’ services…we can do it ALL for you each month!