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Content, Content, Content...

Elizabeth Fanslow

How much content do you share with your tribe or potential audience?

When we get the phone call to help out with social media strategy, one of the first places we audit is your website. Is there a blog? Do you have good content being shared frequently through blog posts and through an email newsletter?

You might be wondering why that is so important. When you hire someone for a specific task, one of the first things you do is to see how much they know. Are they an industry specialist? Do they have the skills needed to do what you are hiring them for?

It’s important to start thinking of yourself as an industry leader. The best way to show off your expertise and knowledge is through publishing content online.

Here are 5-ways to build good content and start to build your own audience: 

  1. Create content around small bite size pieces of information also known as sound bites. Remember you only have a short amount of time to say what you want to say.
  2. Always give them enough information to take action, no matter how big or small. When your reader can walk away with an action item that makes their life or business better, they will keep coming back for more.
  3. Not sure what content to put out there? Listen to your clients or to the questions people are asking you. Most of the content that comes out of our office is either educational or it spurs from questions our clients ask.

    If one person is feeling the burn of a specific problem, you can bet others are too.

  4. Don’t give away your secret sauce…keep in mind that most of the information you will share is already online for your readers to find.

    For example, how many people do you know who do social media, just like me? Lots of people, right? I’m not sharing information that no one has ever heard of, but I am sharing information relevant to the industry. My goal is to carve out a tribe of people that relate to me.

  5. Share your personality in your content. Be authentic and real and your readers will relate to that. That’s how you carve out your tribe, people who relate to you instead of your competitor.

Remember starting to create content doesn’t have to overwhelm you, start small if that makes it more manageable for you. Perhaps creating one piece of content a month is task that you can make happen.

And one more piece of advice, creating content doesn’t have to be a written blog. If you prefer talking rather then writing, try Periscope or Facebook Live, these platforms are perfect for sharing sound bites of information.

What are you going to create this month? Still feeling anxious about creating content? Tell us why in the comments below. Tell us how we can help you create that one piece of content for the month!