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Outside the Box Selling!

Elizabeth Fanslow

In case any of my readers haven't yet heard of LuLaRoe, let me be the first to introduce you to them…they are a new clothing line that is taking the country by storm! What I love most is how they sell!

LuLaRoe uses Facebook Groups to sell their goods!

Yep...they have a super cool process that the consultants use to post online sales.

They post picture albums of the clothes and you only have to comment 'sold' and your preferred method of delivery.
(Ship or Pick Up) 

One of the requirements for buying in the online group is to complete a one-time secure online purchase form, which includes your email address and mailing address.

The form is housed on Google Docs. Simple and easy!




When you comment 'sold' on an item, you will be emailed an invoice. Once your invoice is paid, they ship your products!

I'm not sharing all this LuLaRoe stuff to get you to buy clothes, but I am sharing it because I love how they used a social media platform to sell in a different and unique way. It is intriguing to see how LuLaRoe has used Facebook Groups to create a sales platform for their consultants.

They also use the traditional mode of sales…they have “pop up” parties with hostesses and give away free product to the hostess, much like other network marketing groups. However, the Facebook Group sales are an amazing way for hostesses to create a community of women who love the LuLaRoe clothing. One daughter has almost 10,000 women in her community and the other daughter has almost 5,000 women in her community.

They do special give a ways and gift free product as a way to spark interest and build bigger communities.

Building Community

The point of the Facebook Group is to build a community of women who want to support small business owners. They share special sales in the evening after work, when most women are home from work and the kids are in bed. Letting mothers shop from their cell phones, computers or iPads.  

I have to admit I find myself sitting with my iPhone in my hand at 8PM on nights they have sales so I can see what’s new and what they are offering. Sales are announced ahead of time so the community knows what time to show up…and if you see something you like, you better grab it quick because someone else will get it before you can decide if you want it or not.

The women chat inside the group and tag friends that they think might love a new pair of tights or dress. From there the group continues to grow and build.

LuLaRoe has taken building communities to a whole new level and doing it within the Facebook Group is brilliant. Think about how you can use existing social media platforms to build your business and increase your sales. Don’t follow what everyone else is doing…step outside the box and figure out ways to use these free platforms to build sales. 

If you’re looking for different ways to build your community and increase your sales funnel, take a minute to email me at and schedule a consultation with me. Let’s get creative and build your business!

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