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Interested in Starting an Online Program?

Elizabeth Fanslow

If you are interested in starting an online this before you get too far...

Offering live online programs are a big business these days. Online business owners offer consumers online programs for everything such as self-help, business building, writing, and even weight loss. 

Being a part of an online program creates online community and support. You get to connect with others who are going through the live program with you. As a business owner you can offer weekly calls, workbooks, and Q & A Sessions, just to name a few.

You may only offer your live program 2-times a year or maybe its once a quarter. Some business owners even have 6-12 month programs. It all depends on what you're teaching.

Live sessions require the business owner to participate and facilitate the program. Live programs are generally more expensive and rightfully so as they require more of your time. 

Once you have done your live program several times and feel comfortable in how the program / class  / workshop flows you might want to think about creating an evergreen program.

An evergreen program is something you create once that lasts beyond the one time you offer the live program. It brings you new prospects and can bring you sales for longer periods of time. However, you must keep your evergreen program up to date and current to keep the program fresh and relevant.

When you create an evergreen program you do so by keeping it generic. Keep in mind that the content or video that you create for your evergreen program will be viewed over and over at all different times of the day, week and even month. For instance, you wouldn't start out your video saying...Good Morning, because I might be watching it at 11PM at night. 

There are many ways to set up your evergreen can create a portal for the consumer to work at their own pace or you can create a nurturing email series that prompts the consumer through the program each week. Neither way is right or wrong, it really depends on the content that you are teaching.

Evergreen programs can be bought at anytime, unlike a live program that usually has a start and stop date. Your evergreen program can have hundreds of people going through the program at all different levels. 

An evergreen program can sit on your website and continually create passive income for you. As long as you build in the front end marketing to push traffic for sales, you can generate sales all year long. 

People either start with a live program and decide they want to take it evergreen or they build the program evergreen right out of the gate. Small price evergreen programs can be big sellers and create a good income for you. 

You can even take larger price evergreen programs and build communities around them so the consumer has access to you and an online community, even when you aren't doing the program live. 

Business owners who are selling high price point online programs have found a way to create evergreen programs while still giving the consumer online support...creating communities through Facebook Groups helps consumers get online access to you. This gives your evergreen program much more value. 

If you are interested in learning more about the difference between a LIVE and EVERGREEN program, schedule a strategy call with me. I am happy to help you work through the steps of building a program that work for you!

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