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Creating Graphics

Elizabeth Fanslow

My 3-Go-To-Applications

People ask me all the time…what are your go to applications for creating graphics? Designing with today’s technology has never been easier. Even users with little to no graphic experience can use the phone applications and rock their social media. However, for my business…I have specific needs depending on the project.  

As a recovering perfectionist…I have learned that all my graphics don’t have to be perfect to share them online. But I have also learned that if you want your graphics to be liked and shared…they have to be good. So don’t skimp on quality and know the difference between good and bad graphics. 

My top 3- Graphic Applications are… 

  • Photoshop – Creating Graphics for Projects & Products

When creating really good graphics I create in Photoshop. All the applications on our phones can’t compare to the quality of creating in Photoshop, and they aren’t supposed to…so when I’m developing images for websites or logos this is my go to app!

For professional graphics nothing beats the work of a real professional graphic artist. Never underestimate the need for these professionals. Know when you need them and always hire the best! I am far from a professional graphic artist – so I have a few in my back pocket that I use for contract work when needed.

  • Canva – Creating Graphics for Social Media 

I don’t know about you…but I flippen love Canva and design all my blog post graphics and social media graphics in Canva. Designing is easy and quick and you can purchase images for a $1…this is my go to application on my MAC and now even on my iPhone!

  • WordSwag – Creating Quotes for Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook 

One of the easiest ways to create quotes for Instagram and Facebook! They have a library of images that are free, but you can also add your own images to personalize them. The paid version offers more font designs so it’s definitely work the cost. You can also add a graphic of your logo to personalize them for your business!