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Hashtags Help You Show Up!

Elizabeth Fanslow

It’s true…hashtags used in your social media posts can you help you show up in searches if you’re using the right ones!

I recently read an article from Nikhil Makwana on titled, “Daily Social Media Hashtags to Boost Your Brand.”

Have you ever posted on Instagram and used a hashtag and all of a sudden someone starts following you? Here’s what I mean…During Tropical Storm Colin the rain was coming down so hard that I slipped out of my office to do a quick video to post to Instagram. I used the hashtags - #tampa #storm #rain and within a few minutes I received a message from @weatherchannel requesting to use my video on air.

The @weatherchannel was scouring Instagram for people posting pictures of the storm using hashtags #storm #tampa and #stormcolin. “Using hashtags that are trending on social media help you pop up in search results of those who are looking via posts on that singular topic,” states Makwana.

He also states that making posts each day of the week with special hashtags will help you grow your engagement on Twitter and Instagram. Click over to his blog post and take a look at some of the hashtags that he has listed for each day of the week.

Hashtags like #MotivationMonday and #TipTuesday are great hashtags to use on your business account to share information and quotes that compliment your branding and establish you as a thought leader.

Using common hashtags, like the ones for the days of the week are used on private & public Facebook pages and throughout social media, giving you an expanded audience beyond what you might have thought was possible! Hashtags make your posts and articles searchable by anyone interested in the topics you are hash tagging them with.

You can get creative and develop your own and even create brand specific hashtags. You can search both Instagram and Twitter by hashtag to see how they are being used and how often they are being used.

One word of caution…before making up your own hashtag do a quick check to see how the hashtag has been used in the past or what items show up under it. For instance…I love to support businesses by acting as a brand advocate, especially restaurants. I love to use the hashtag #foodporn…I probably don’t have to finish the rest of that story. You get where I’m going. (Laughing Out Loud)

Hashtags can be used to brand your business with the words that you want people to remember your company by.  These hashtags will be unique to your company, such as your company name and your company slogan to help you expand your market and your reach with everything you post in social media.

If you are doing a specific promotion, say you’re introducing a new product or service; you can use hashtags to go along with your new product or service.

The most amazing thing about hashtags is how widespread they are. When you use a hashtag on a Facebook post, it will show up on every social media site that also has that hashtag listed somewhere on their site. That’s the power of hashtags and of social media.

Helpful hash tags placed at the end of your article are the most effective way to use hashtags. Less is more here, one or two hashtags will get you more views than if you add more hashtags which seems to fragment what you will attract. It’s best to have 2 good hashtags that are most likely to attract the audience and clients you are trying to reach.

While you can benefit from using a trending hashtag, you have to do that at the right time, when it first becomes a trending term. As time lapses, the trending hashtags will be so over used that it won’t be as effective to use them. Timing is everything!

Have fun with your hashtags! Don’t miss out reading the article and taking some notes about some of the hashtags you might be able to implement into your social media strategy!