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Instagram Grows Up!

Elizabeth Fanslow

You may have heard that Instagram is now offering business pages. While it’s still to early to tell how business pages will work or what the drawbacks are of converting your page over…there are some cool features that you might really like. 

Remember not everyone has access to switch over to a business account. When you do have access you will receive a notification that offers you the option to switch over. However, if you want to check to see if you have the option click on your profile and select the settings option in the right hand corner.

Under account you will see the option to make the switch.

You will go through a series of prompts to make the transfer, but note that you must have a Facebook Business Page to connect with. Your address, email and telephone number will be pulled from your Facebook Business Profile. Once you verify the information your account is officially a business account!

So what are the benefits of having a business account:

  • One of the great advantages of having a business Instagram account is the new contact button, which allows prospective clients to reach out to you by email, telephone or get directions to your store or office. Your address now appears on the bottom of your profile. If you click the contact button at the top you can select ‘get directions’ if your business address is listed. It also allows someone to call you or email you directly from these links. This function makes it really easy to have people contact your business!
  • Another amazing feature is the new insights analytics. You have the ability to see the total impressions, the reach and the engagement of each post. This option is only available for posts made after you convert your account. You will not be able to see analytics from posts prior to the transfer. Click on one of your posts and select view insights.  

(You also have the option to see the overall analytics by moving to your Profile page. Click on the little bars to the right of your name and you will have access to the last 7-posts.)

  • Click on the post and you now have the ability to promote and place an ad right from your Instagram page. Until now you had to place ads on Instagram via the Facebook Ad Manager platform.

If you use Instagram to build your business take advantage of the new Business Page option. It is the perfect way to allow customers to engage with you and find you! 

We'll keep you updated on our progress with our new Instagram Business Account. And if you have already switched over...let us know your thoughts. What pros and cons have you found – share in the comments below! 

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