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I Work Alone...

Elizabeth Fanslow

As I sat in the Halifax airport on Thursday waiting to board my flight to JFK NY I found myself reflecting on the past few days...

Friday I flew to Canada to meet with my business advisor. Saturday was my day of planning and then Tuesday and Wednesday was our annual mastermind. 

Meeting with a group of amazing women business owners really does something for your soul. In our mastermind group, we share our challenges, our wins, our struggles, and even our self-sabotaging moments with each other. This really brings entrepreneurship into a new perspective.

Sometimes as an entrepreneur you might feel like your struggles are unique and no one is going through the pain that you are...nothing could be further from the truth. If you are just starting your business...someone has struggled through all the fear and frustration of a business start up. If you are in growth mode...someone has dealt with all the stress that comes along with starting a team. And if you are struggling with making money in your business…well, someone has been there too.

What I have learned from participating in several masterminds is that there will always be someone further along in their business, someone just starting, someone who has all the answers you need, and someone who will be a sponge just soaking up every nibble of business advice. A good mastermind group will give you the knowledge and support you need. It’s vital for you to be sharing your knowledge and being supportive to your mastermind team members too… give and take is an important part of a mastermind group. The purpose of being in a mastermind group is to help each other grow. Some of your mastermind team members may be at a higher level in their business than you are, they will inspire you to stretch and strive to work at a higher level. You will benefit and grow from being around others who think bigger than you...that have been there and done it. 

I recently created my goals for the last 6-months of the year. Have you already plotted out your direction for the next 6-months? What outcomes do you want to see at the beginning of 2017? 

If you don't have a six - month plan...Now is the time to start planning your marketing strategy for the last half of the year. If you're still moving forward a month at a time you're missing out on long-term strategy and you're probably working way too hard each month. A six-month plan can help you focus on your goal, then each month you’ll know how to pace to reach that goal. 

If you find yourself sitting on a deserted island trying to build new strategy around your business and feel the need to work with someone who can help you plan, build, and dream a little bigger - give me a call.

Our Brain Bend sessions are made for solo business owners and entrepreneurs to help them build strategy, design the plan and build the details. Interested in learning more, email me at for more information!