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Social Media Isn't Just for Business

Elizabeth Fanslow

This week’s blog post isn’t about a new social media platform or how to increase your email list…this weeks blog is about community and using social media to share awareness and community love!

I had the honor last Thursday to be invited to the YMCA Teen Achievers Spring Gala…all I can say is WOW!

The program “A Bright Night for Shining Stars” was everything the name promised and so much more…so many talented teens in our Tampa Bay community. What a privilege and honor to get to see them perform.


The evening was about spotlighting not only the talent of these amazing teens, but about a program called The Teen Achievers Program that “enables targeted youth to improve academic performance, develop a positive self-image, build character, explore college and career options and interact with culturally-relevant role models to inspire the participants to reach their full potential.”

Invited by one of my clients, and also a dear colleague and friend, Jennifer Murphy of SunTrust Bank I found myself immediately reaching for my phone to take pictures and document the evening. Jennifer is an amazing community minded, and kindhearted woman and we share her charity events and community involvement on her business Facebook page frequently.

Silvano Capaldi, Tom Looby - President & CEO of Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA, Jennifer Murphy of SunTrust Bank, and Elizabeth Fanslow.  

Silvano Capaldi, Tom Looby - President & CEO of Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA, Jennifer Murphy of SunTrust Bank, and Elizabeth Fanslow.


I love sharing her involvement because it helps her share awareness for these amazing community events. So she knew when I took my phone out that I was capturing the evening for her social media posts in the morning.

She said to me...”put down your phone and enjoy the evening!” But here’s the thing…I couldn’t put my phone down because sharing the event, not just on her pages but my own, became extremely important to me.

The point wasn’t about her or I being at a community event. The point was the talented kids that spent so much time practicing and perfecting their talents to perform for us that night. The point was the amazing men and women I met from the YMCA. The point was all the amazing goodness in that room…the adults with tears in their eyes over the performances and hard work.

The point was…I had to share it…not just with Jennifer’s tribe…but also with my own.

Social media is my job…it’s how I make my living. However, if there is one thing that I know about social media it’s how you can use it to share good things and powerful community efforts. And I wasn’t going to miss that opportunity to share how amazing the folks at the Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA really are…or the volunteers, the teachers…and most of all the parents that care enough for their kids to help them get ahead…when even that sometimes might feel hopeless.

Social media isn’t just about sharing your business…it does amazing work to build recognition and awareness in our communities! I love that I have a job that lets me share such amazing events with people in the Tampa Bay community!