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Why Your Social Media Strategy May Not Be Working

Elizabeth Fanslow

Many people hire social media strategists to create their social media marketing and even implement it. We do that for our clients. There is a cost for that service. There is a cost for that experience and expertise.

Not everyone has a marketing budget because they're just starting out or they're possibly not creating enough profit in their business to cover the costs of a REAL marketing budget. So business owners attempt to do their own social media marketing. Some do a really great job on a shoestring budget and others struggle.

If you aren't ready to hire a marketing strategist and find yourself doing your own social media marketing - here are 7- Tips to Help You Be Successful:

  1. Take the time to develop a real marketing strategy:
    Stop winging it with your social media. Sit down and look at your business goals for the quarter and build your social media plan around them.
  2. Write valuable content around your marketing / business strategies:
    Share great content about your industry that your customers want and need to know. Building valuable content helps build your credibility and helps your customers notice you.

  3. Be consistent in your posting:
    Stay the course and keep your posts consistent. Ever visit a business page and see posts that are a year old? If you have a business social media page, keep it active and relevant. If you aren't going to post there, take it down. You're better to not exist there than not show up.

  4. Business is business...and personal is personal:
    I see this mistake with so many business owners. Don't use your business platform to share your personal or political crusades. Don't get me wrong; you have the right to share your ideas and thoughts. Use your personal pages for those types of posts. However, it's very important to show some of authentic and be real so your followers can engage with you. It's all about balance!

  5. Stop automating your social media posts:
    There are times when automation works and others where it doesn't. Know the difference. For instance, don't schedule your Facebook posts to automatically go to Twitter. Take a minute to look at how they show up on your Twitter page. There are viable apps that you can use to automate that do a really great job. If you use automation ensure that your posts look authentic to the platform.

  6. Social Media is not FREE:
    You have to pay to play. Even if you have chosen to do your own marketing, you have to have a budget, even if it's a small one. While using social media platforms is free, getting your content in front of your customers is not free. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter all have paid advertising platforms. Budget what you can on those platforms to boost your marketing strategy.

  7. All you need are Quotes - NOT!
    I am still in awe at the business owners who use their business pages solely for quotes. Quotes are an intricate part of every social media plan that I write, but they are not the sole basis of the plan. Use them to support your content and tie your content / blog posts into quotes, but don't just rest on creating quotes or using others quotes. Give your marketing content some substance!

    (Instagram is the exception here…many businesses use quotes to share and market information.)

 These seven tips will be helpful in creating a successful social media-marketing plan.

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