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Finding the Right Social Media Platform

Elizabeth Fanslow

It was Tuesday afternoon and the most perfect day in downtown Denver… 

We met at the most quaint restaurant on Larimer Street called TAG…we both ordered the roasted chicken salad and to say it was amazing would be an understatement. Hilary was dressed casual in jeans and a beautiful top and jacket that showed off her toned body. Her gorgeous smile and energy are two of the first things that you will notice about her. What I love about Hilary is her passion! She is so full of ideas and creativity…sometimes to the point where you can’t keep up! 

Hilary Silver is an amazing couples therapist and coach and she maintains a brick and mortar office here in Denver, as well as a full online business. Hilary is your go-to-gal if you are looking to create Hot and Healthy Relationships! 

Hilary and I worked together for a short period of time last year. She was about to launch a new program and needed some additional help with the strategy. One thing I noticed about her right away…sitting down to write a blog post was painful for her. She struggled to find her voice in writing, even though she is an amazing writer…she is a better speaker.

So when Hilary started using Periscope as part of her blogging strategy, her entire business changed. You can find Hilary on Periscope and Facebook Live 2-3 times a day with amazing content that can help you shift your relationship in ways you never thought possible.

Creating good content doesn’t mean you have to be an amazing writer. If you feel better talking to people than you should take advantage of social platforms like Periscope, Facebook Live, and YouTube. Viewers love the ability to click over to a live video from people they love hearing from. 

Hilary has over 7,800 followers on her Periscope channel and she’s just getting started! She even has a page on her website to pull people into her Periscope Channel. Hilary is doing this right and she has found a platform that allows her to use her best quality – her voice!

And not only does Hilary feel more in her element on a live video stream…she has used the platform to connect with people who are helping her business grow. Hilary understands that being visible is key in her strategy to achieve success!

Building an online business is not an easy task, and Hilary will be the first one to tell you that. However, what I love about this story is how determined she was to make it work. She kept looking until she found the perfect platform that was right for her.

Finding the right social media strategy may have you trying on many different hats. Don’t get discouraged; find the best way to share your voice even if it means testing out a few. Try them on and see how they fit.

I always say…just because there is so many different platforms for you to use doesn’t mean you have to use them all! Do you have a similar story? What social media platform works best for you?

Want to Know More About Hilary...

Meet Hilary here...

If you live in Denver you can work with Hilary and her team…but if you don’t, you can take advantage of her amazing online programs. One in particular is pretty awesome – it’s her “10 Day Relationship Challenge to Put the Sizzle Back In Your Sex Life.”

Interested in hearing more from Hilary – check out her Periscope Live Channel at @AskHilarySilver