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Want To Take A Month Off?

Elizabeth Fanslow

We’ve written a lot of content this month and have a lot more scheduled for next month…all around the topic of keeping business owners motivated during the summer. Entrepreneurs like owning their own businesses because it means when summer gets here and the kids are home, they have options to slow down a little or work from home.
What we have found in most cases is that slowing down means it’s that much harder to get your hustle back on come September. When you are out of sight…you are out of mind. Don’t fall into the ‘summer-off trap’ unless you have the resources to keep your business running full steam ahead while you’re relaxing a bit.
Everyone deserves time off and time home with your kids is important. Learning to manage both can sometimes be a little nerve wracking, however planning ahead helps ease the stress and lets you enjoy your time off.
Here are 3-Tips to Help you enjoy your month off:

Plan for those months when you want to slow down.
Ensure that your business / marketing strategy continues to move forward even when you need to slow down. You can do that by making sure your team keeps the “business as usual” sign up on the storefront.
Communicate the strategy months ahead so everyone knows the plan. Make yourself available a few times a week to check in and make sure your team is handling things appropriately and that there are no hiccups being overlooked.
Strategize Your Business Smartly!
Are you a coach or do you work solo? If you want to take a break for the month – create a different process for your clients for that month. Instead create a downtime workbook or worksheet to help them work on internal processes.
Make plans to pick up with what they worked on the following month when you are back in the office. Don’t let your customers or clients lose momentum because you need to take a month off. Keep the business moving forward by using other methods that don’t include you personally.
Don’t Stop Marketing!
Whatever you do…don’t stop your online marketing. Work with your team or your social media-marketing strategist to make sure implementation of marketing continues. You have to stay relevant and continue to put out valuable content, even when your hanging out for 2-weeks at the beach. Prepare ahead of time and create and develop content that will continue to be posted and shared even though you’re not sitting in the office!

Your customers will understand that you need time off, what they won't be so understanding about is when you put their business in a state of vacation because you can't service them the way you should.

Enjoy your June...and I hope you are taking some time off this summer to rejuvenate or spend time with your family. Either way...have a drink for me!