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Hello April - Time for Some Spring Cleaning!

Elizabeth Fanslow

Can you believe that we are in the second quarter of 2016 already? April brings spring and all those ideas about spring-cleaning. I love spring-cleaning my house, but there is nothing better than spring-cleaning your office and business too!

Here are 5-tips to get you ready for the second quarter of the year and bring that fresh spring feeling to your business.

1.     A lot happens in your office each day, and after months of working, printing, filing, and creating you might have a lot of paper sitting around on your desk, credenza or in your files.

Plan some time to do some spring-cleaning and trash or shred paper work that is no longer needed. Lighten up those paper files and try to save documents on your cloud going forward.

2.     Do a deep spring-cleaning in your office. Now might be the time to freshen up your décor and throw away those meaningless things you have sitting around your office that you couldn’t part with.

Go buy a new vase for your desk and make a point to treat yourself each week to some beautiful new flowers.

3.     What about your email? Are you able to keep your inbox cleaned up and your important correspondence filed where it goes?

Take some time to organize your email. There is nothing more frustrating than having your Outlook crash because you are not deleting and cleaning up emails that need to go. If your inbox is overflowing with junk – detox by unsubscribing to those emails you never look at!

4.     It’s the first month of Q2 – are you current with your goals and strategies for your business? Part of my housekeeping each quarter is to review goals and get them on paper.

5.     Take a look at forms, checklists, and business systems…are they feel stale? Do they need an update?

Now is the perfect time to update those checklists or forms you use every day. Give them a new fresh look!

6.     Do you still buy real books? I love real books but made the commitment to start using my iPad for online books to save space. However, this month I took some time to clean out the books I have read and donate them to folks I thought could use them. This is a great way to mentor others by sharing your knowledge nuggets!

You can also donate them to your local library. They love getting new business books to add to their selection and you feel like a winner helping your community.