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Writing Your Newsletter

Elizabeth Fanslow

Do you know the best way to reach people in your network? You got it…a weekly or monthly newsletter through email.

It sounds so simple and everyone you speak to knows they should be doing it…so why aren’t they? 

You might think you don’t have the time to put out a weekly newsletter or that you don’t have that much to say, but hold that thought for a moment…  

If you spend an hour a week writing content for a weekly newsletter that goes out to your email list each week, you are in front of your potential and current clients every week. There are lots of excuses why you can’t make the time…”I never see any return, I don’t have a very big email list, etc.”

The excuses go on and on. Let me share a story with you…

Recently one of the people on my email list reached out to me and said, “We need to talk. I have been reading your newsletters for months and I now know that I need your help utilizing my social media networks to better market my business.”

She had been getting emails every week for over 4-months and that day she decided to take the step to reach out to me. But it took her almost 4-months to take action. The newsletter that caused her to make the decision hit one of her pain points and she knew that she couldn’t continue to half-ass her social media marketing any longer.

What would happen if one of the people on your email list reached out to you after reading your newsletter and asked for help or better do business with you?

Don’t have time or know what to say…make the time – I promise you won’t be sorry. And as far as what to write about…let me share 7-tips to help you generate some content and how to use your newsletter. 

1.     Think in terms of serving your audience – how can you help them be successful. Establish yourself as a thought leader. Think about the pains you can solve and how you can give to your audience.

2.     Your newsletter will ultimately help you drive sales. Those who get your newsletters each week will connect and engage with you and they may purchase from you in the future.

3.     Your weekly newsletters can be used to announce new services and products.

4.     They can help you build your brand and keep your business and services in front of perspective clients / customers. They can also increase traffic to your website, blog, services, and or products.

5.     Share stories and experiences that have helped build your business so your audience can relate to your business and purpose. Build relationships and engagement.

6.     Always be consistent as to when readers can expect your newsletter in their mailbox.

7.     Give a clear call to action. Tell your reader what they need to do next. It can be as simple as asking them what next steps they will take – get them to engage on your blog post. Your call to action can also be sales oriented at times.

Use your newsletter as a way to talk to people, engage with them, and yes even sell to them. But remember selling every week and through every newsletter can damage your online relationships.  

If you use your newsletter as place to serve your tribe…your business will grow because of it. When people know that you are truly vested in helping them achieve success, whatever that looks like, they will enjoy being a part of your group.

If you’re not sending out a newsletter yet, but would really love to…then share it below. Let us help you get started and hold you accountable to just get started! And if you already send a newsletter, forward this post to someone who might need a push to get started.

Will you make the commitment today?