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Is Facebook Marketing For You?

Elizabeth Fanslow

3-ways to use Facebook Marketing and the 3-things you should know before you get started.

Facebook marketing is still a mystery to some business owners, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Lets talk about 3-different ways to use Facebook Marketing to increase engagement in the following ways:

  • Content Engagement – Developing good content is crucial to building your online business funnel. You know that because you develop content on a regular basis and you post it to your blog. But are you getting the type of engagement you want?

    Build engagement by using Facebook to drive traffic to your blog post.
  • Webinar Promotion – Are you doing webinars as part of your marketing strategy? If you have a small email list it can be challenging to get people signed up on your webinar. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

    Facebook marketing is a perfect way to push engagement to your webinars. Using Facebook ads gets you in front of an audience that wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.
  • List Building – Creating ‘freebies’ to deliver great content through eBooks, white papers, check lists, etc. is a great way to build your list and increase your sales funnel.

    Facebook marketing is the perfect way to introduce your freebie content to consumers on Facebook that wouldn’t otherwise see your content.

How do you know where to start? Let’s talk about the 3-things you should know about to get started:

Boosts: You’ve probably seen the Boost button on the bottom of your post. If creating Facebook Ad’s makes you a little uncomfortable than try playing with the Boost option to start. You can also boost a post for as little as $2. You can boost your post in three ways:

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 7.35.50 AM.png

Ads: I would suggest using an Ad for your marketing. Unlike the Boost, your ad will get even more exposure and will target much more effectively. Creating an ad can be a little daunting for newbies. But, like the Boost you can start with a low budget and test out some different audiences to see how it works.

Target Audiences: Here is where I suggest you spend a good bit of your time during this process. Creating a few different audiences to test and play with. Through Facebook targeting you can select options for your audience.

For instance I have an audience for the strategy part of my business and I have one for the social media part of my business. Each audience targets different types of business people. You can save these audiences and use them over and over. You can use your Target audiences for both Boosts and Ads.

Is Facebook Marketing something you would like to learn more about? If so, I would love to hear from you. What area of Facebook Marketing would you like more help with? Let me know which areas you would like to learn about the most, and if you might be interested in a webinar tutorial on getting started with Facebook Boosts and Ads.