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List Building

Elizabeth Fanslow

How important is list building to your business?

How many new potential clients do you add to your sales funnel each month? One, four…none? For most of us our active sales funnel is our email list and if you aren’t adding new emails to your list each month, you’re not building your sales funnel.

Your sales funnel is your little black book!  

It contains your tribe…those people who engage with you…who like you…and occasionally do business with you. They are your clients old and new…but that list will grow stale if you don’t continue to nurture and build it. Your social strategy should always include ways to increase sign-ups to your email list. (In addition to your regular social media strategy.)

It’s not as hard as it sounds, but it does take some time to develop a strategy along with planning and implementation.

Here are 5-steps to help you build your email list:

  1. Identify some great content that you can use to help your tribe. A checklist or worksheet to help them organize ideas, or an eBook or white paper on a topic that is trending in your industry. (Known as “freebies” – these are pieces of content that you develop to attract new visitors to your website and business.)

    Remember to give them something really meaty that will grab their attention. You want it to be good enough so that they don’t think twice about sharing their email address with you.
  2. Second, develop the content in a format that is appealing and professional. Remember to use those branding ideas we talked about previously.
  3. Load the document onto your website for easy access. (A PDF Document)
  4. Create a landing page on your website to collect email addresses through your email provider. (MailChimp, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, etc.)
  5. Set up an automated ‘Thank You’ email. As each person signs up they will receive an automated email with the link for the “freebie.” (Auto Responder)
  6. Drive traffic to your landing page through Facebook Ads, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.
  7. Once the customer signs up on your landing page they will receive your auto responder email with a link to the document.

You’ve just got your first sign up! Congratulations!

How are you doing building your list? Do you have something that works well for you – share it with us here!