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Facebook Call to Action Button!

Elizabeth Fanslow

You realize how quick you have to be to keep someone's attention right?

People don't want to see a bunch of stuff in order to learn more about what you do, what you sell, or who you are! 

Tell them what they need to do...don't make them try to figure it out on their own. I'm talking about the Call to Action button on your Business Facebook page!

What’s Your Call to Action Strategy? 

Facebook created the CTA button back in 2014. Since then businesses have been using it in a number of different ways. How effective is your Facebook CTA? 

Facebook gives you a number of options to use. Business owners can use it to book appointments, send messages, and watch a specific video and much more. They all have their purpose and are used based on the strategy you use.

Let’s talk about ways you can use the CTA Button. Take a minute to look at some of the Business Pages that you follow. How are they using it?

 Pages like Inc. and Fast Company use the Sign Up button to encourage you to join their mailing list. Companies like Inc. and Fast Company can be that forward in their ‘Call to Action’ because everyone knows who they are; but what about a small business or solo-entrepreneur?

When someone lands on your business page, do they necessarily know who you are? Maybe and maybe not…so using the ‘book now’ or ‘sign up’ call to action might not be the best option unless you work only locally in one area.


Let me ask you a question. Do you have a habit of just signing up for someone’s email list when you land on their Facebook page for the first time? Or how about booking an appointment?

I only make that decision once I know that they have something of value to offer. You only have a few minutes to get someone’s attention…to make an impression. When I click into a business page for the first time, I look there first…different businesses have different strategies. 

For me…I want viewers to learn more about what I do, so I use the ‘Learn More’ CTA:

Learn More

I like the ‘Learn More’ CTA button when a business uses it to give me information about what they do. Especially when it’s in a simple digestible format. Before you send them to your website where they have to dig through who you are and what you do…think about creating a web page that is made just for this purpose.

I created a page just for my Business Page clicks. I give them a quick introduction to who I am and how my business got started. I give them a quick introduction to my Brain Bend™ System. I also give them a link if they want to dive deeper and learn more and my email address if they want to reach out to me.

And at the bottom I share the links to a few of my favorite blogs and if they like what they see…I give them the option to join my email tribe.

BBQ To The Rescue is a not for profit that was created by Edward (Eddie) Titen. He is the franchise owner of Sonny’s BBQ in Palm Harbor, New Port Richey, and Largo Florida. Their strategy was to introduce people to the purpose of BBQ to the Rescue and to share the emotion behind their purpose.

Watch Video

When you click on the ‘Watch Video’ CTA Button you are taken to YouTube to watch a video about BBQ To the Rescue and the amazing things that Eddie and his team are doing for their communities.

Once you watch that video…you know exactly who BBQ To The Rescue is and what their mission is within the Tampa Bay Communities. That’s powerful!

Lisa Larter’s strategy was based around the recent publishing of her book.

Shop Now

I love how Lisa used the ‘Shop Now’ CTA button to showcase her new book. However, she didn’t just throw a shop now button up on her Business page. She is very strategic in her placement. Lisa has a corresponding Page Header that shares information about her book. You aren’t just blindly clicking on the shop now button.

Keep track of how your CTA button is working by monitoring the side bar on the right hand side of your page. See how many clicks you get on your ‘call to action’ button as well as how many people click through to your website.

As you plan your social media strategy, don’t forget to include the Call to Action button. Change it and use it to support your strategy. How are you using your CTA buttons?

Share some of your strategies about how you are using the CTA button on your business page. Post your comments below