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Growing Your Why

Elizabeth Fanslow

3-Tips to Building Your WHY Into Your Systems

As a company grows, the CEO’s job is to personify the WHY. To ooze of it. To talk about it. To preach it. To be a symbol of what the company believes.
— Simon Sinek

I love to read. How about you? When I was in Chicago in September last year I had the whole month to get through a ton of books that were on my ‘to read’ list. But one I want to talk about today is ‘Start With Why’ by Simon Sinek.

We work with business owners everyday in helping them develop their strategy and design plans to bring their idea alive. Many of them are solo-entrepreneurs and it can be hard for them to think about creating systems when they are the only one working in the business. 

The founder or leader actually goes out and talks to customers, sells the product and hires most if not all the employees. As the company grows, however, systems and processes are added and other people will join. The cause embodied by an individual slowly morphs into a structured organization and the cone starts to take shape. As it grows, the leader’s role changes. He will no longer be the loudest part of the megaphone; he will become the source of the message that is to flow through the megaphone.”
— Simon Sinek

Why is any of this important? Well…because if you are like me, you have a special “WHY” as to how you run your business. How your customers are treated and the quality of work that is produced from your business needs to be of a certain level…am I right?

So why is it important to create systems? Because as my business grows along with my team I want to ensure that my WHY is included in everything that comes out of my business. That happens through culture development. When you ensure that your systems include your WHY – your team better understands the how and what of your systems. They understand the business culture and imbed it in their daily work.

If you haven’t started creating systems in your business yet, I wanted to share 3-tips to help you get started on your next new project or idea:

1.     Every good system starts with a good Strategy. Start your strategy session with a few really important questions:

a.     What is the why and what of your vision?

b.    Why is your audience / buyer and what are their needs?

c.     What is your long-term outcome?

2.     The next step should always include the Design phase of the process. Taking time to design the process helps you build in the “WHY” of why you are doing this. Here is where you talk about:

a.     The messaging

b.    The marketing

c.     The moments

3.     And now you are finally ready to create your systems or what I like to call the Details / implementation. As with any new process you have to focus on the details of getting things done. That doesn’t happen if there isn’t a detailed plan of how that happens.

a.     List the details

b.     Assign the tasks (this might be you to start, but could be staff moving forward.)

c.     Create the policy & procedures that include the how, why, when, etc.

I want you thinking of the future. The whole point of starting a business is to grow and be successful. So think like a successful business owner and when the time comes to hire a new employee to take on these details, you will have a full process in place to train and teach from.

And most importantly…if done properly, those processes will include your “WHY” and your company culture grows and builds on your “WHY.”

Elizabeth D. Fanslow is Creative Business Strategist. She uses her proprietary Brain Bend™ System to help Business Professionals map out their strategy, design their plan, and figure out all the details.  

Elizabeth and her team help you get un-stuck and move forward to get things done!