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Facebook Notes: Are You Taking Advantage of Them?

Elizabeth Fanslow

Facebook revamped the old ‘Notes’ section toward the end of the year last year, so why aren’t more businesses taking advantage of them?

You can now post a blog post in the Notes section on your business page and make it look really amazing too!

It’s really easy to do…

Simply click on the ‘Notes’ section on your business page. If you haven’t added it to your toolbar, click on ‘More’ and click on ‘Manage Tabs.’ You may have to add it to your toolbar and then make sure you move it so that it appears on your page like mine does above. This allows people who visit your page to click on your Notes and see them all in one space.

Click on + Add Note on the right hand side and start adding your blog post. You can add graphics in the header as well as inside the blog post. This is a great way to repurpose content from your website. Change up the pictures and title, as well as some of the content and you have a fresh new piece of content to share again with little to no extra work.

Look how we shared a blog post on the Business Page of one of our clients the Friday before the Super Bowl Game. We love how amazing and clean the post looks. It seems to be the best kept secret on Facebook…so we wanted to make sure you knew about it and we hope you will start using it as part of your Social Media Strategy.

I hope this post gets you excited about using the ‘Notes’ section on your business page. Take a minute to leave me a comment and tell me if you have used the ‘Notes’ section on your business page yet. Do you like it?


Elizabeth D. Fanslow is Creative Business Strategist. She uses her proprietary Brain Bend™ System to help Business Professionals map out their strategy, design their plan, and figure out all the details.  

Elizabeth and her team help you get un-stuck and move forward to get things done!