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Do You Have A System?

Elizabeth Fanslow

Journal from

Journal from

I have a system for everything…it’s just the way things get done in my world.

Even the most fundamental things have systems. For instance I have a system for how I maintain relationships in my life. I have a system for how I handle change in my life. And yes I even have a system for how to deal with those times when I question my self-confidence.

We all deal with self-confidence issues from time to time…it’s just a fact of life. I guess you could say that I had one of those ‘moments’ a few weeks ago. You see my business is in a state of flux…or change if you will. Moving from one level to another is always a little scary and the funny things we tell ourselves can cause us to really question our abilities to be successful.

After reviewing my 2016 strategy and financial goals for the year…I knew that a change would be needed to reach those lofty goals. I had faith in the fact that I could reach them…what I didn’t have faith in was that I could do it alone. I knew that I needed help. This change or transformation from one step to the next one would take more than just me.

The self-doubt started to seep into my thoughts…


·      Was I ready for this change?

·      Was I ready to invest the money to make this change happen?

·      Was I ready to play in a bigger space?


Oh and the best one…who am I to think that I can even play in that bigger space? I stayed in that ‘place’ for a few days…maybe almost a week as I pondered on how to make these thoughts go away…and then one day during my morning journaling…I was ready to answer the questions. So I started by writing down my 3-Step System.

1.     Focus

2.     Define the Focus – Make A Plan

3.     Stay Excited

Yes…that is my simple 3-Step System and I wanted to share this with you because it is so easy for anyone to use. Let me share how I used my system to get through this issue...

Step One: Focus

My Commitment & Focus: 2016 is the year my business will shift – I will play bigger and I will acknowledge that I have the skills and talent to play in a bigger place.

My thoughts: I need to accept the fact that I am moving forward with this commitment I have made to myself. I am ready for the change and I am willing to invest in my business and myself in order to get me to where I need to be.


Step Two: Define The Focus

The Plan: Accept that I need help to make this happen and work with someone who will help me build a business that feels good to me.

My thoughts: By reaching out to a business mentor and friend I will make the commitment to finally start working with someone who has a successful business and track record. I am willing to start over again at a new level.

I will hire a teacher and take my seat as the student.

I will make the financial commitment that will feel uncomfortable at first, but will come back to me two-fold. I have accepted the fear around this commitment, and while I may feel discomfort around this decision I will make the necessary adjustments because I know that the journey will be worth it.


Step Three: Stay Excited!

Stay Passionate: I will maintain my motivation about accomplishing my goals by celebrating my accomplishments and acknowledging my fears.

My thoughts: I am excited that it's time to make new things happen and I will allow myself to celebrate all the amazing things I will be learning this year. I will not be hard on myself when I encounter something that scares me. I will embrace the fear and know that just on the other side of that fear is something amazing. 

I will journal about those fears so that once I am on the other side of them I can celebrate myself and know that I am one step closer to reaching my goals.

Once I got passed this part of my system I was able to move forward and take the steps I needed to take to make this happen.

So where am I now?

I have hired a business strategist who will work with me through an entire 12-months of change. I am ready to do the work and I have accepted the challenge of building a next tier business, making a financial commitment that felt really scary, and excited to push myself further than I ever have before!

You can use this simple system for almost anything. Give it a try and let me know how you make out. You will find that once you step forward and define the focus and make a plan that holds you accountable you will feel a hundred times better!

Take a look at my book ‘Be Amazing: 9-Critical Skills to Becoming An Inspiring Leader’ and learn how I use this easy 3-step system to tackle simple leadership issues.