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Don't Miss This Webinar!

Elizabeth Fanslow

I know it's December and...yes, it might be a little late to start planning for 2017 for your business. But I have to say that planning late is better than not planning at all. Wouldn't you agree?

So this webinar is for all those business owners that just haven't found the time to plan out the first 90-days of 2017. Maybe the thought of planning out 90-days makes you uncomfortable or maybe you just don't know how.

I work with private clients all the time to create and build their business strategy and during this webinar I am going to share with you my proprietary process for building a 90-Day strategy for a product or service.

I will teach you my process and give you the worksheets you need to do this on your own. And if doing it on your own doesn't sound will also get a special offer that you won't want to miss, but only when you join us on the webinar.

As of this morning...we only have FOUR seats left. So if you are interested in joining us - click the button below to get registered for the $49 Webinar on 12/15/2016 from 10AM to 12PM!