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SquareSpace Updates

Elizabeth Fanslow

You may not know this about us, but we create and build SquareSpace websites for business owners. We've been doing this for a little over two years now and we love SquareSpace and the ease it gives our clients to make changes. We are also part of the 'Circle' Group who works directly with SquareSpace to improve and grow the functionality of SquareSpace!

Recently SquareSpace made a few changes and we wanted to make sure you knew about them. If you use a SquareSpace website, check out these new options and updates:

You can now accept Apple Pay on your SquareSpace site. Think how easy it will be for customers looking at your website on their mobile device to make a purchase right through Apple Pay.

To make sure you settings are set properly:
Click over to Settings |  Select Payment Options Under Commerce

We also have been given access to the new shopping cart layout! The layout looks so much nicer now than it did before.

The new page includes a few changes that we developers have been asking for - You can now set a default country for shipping and billing. Before United States was always the default option. Customers can now use the same address for billing and shipping. And we now have the ability to collect phone numbers from customers.

This option will be rolled out soon to every soon, however if you want to activate yours now, you have to manually opt-in. 

To turn on your new shopping cart:
Click over to Settings | Select Payment Under Commerce

Some people don't like that SquareSpace templates are limited. But don't let that stop you from using SquareSpace because you can design websites so unique with your graphics and content that they look individualized. Not much different than a WordPress template.

However, SquareSpace is always adding to their template selection and they are even expanding their industries. They just introduced seven new templates, which we are loving!

Stay tuned for more updates! We love bringing new stuff to you!