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Don't Bring Up The Holidays...

Elizabeth Fanslow

But We Have Too...

It seems like the holidays are on us before we even have a chance to prepare for them. There is always so much to do in our personal lives and with our families that we forget about preparing for the holidays in our businesses.

For me, the end of the year brings gratitude for everything amazing in my life. It’s a time to prepare for starting fresh for the new year…but there is something else that happens during this time too! It’s when I feel my most generous in my business and want to give away some really great offers to existing clients and possibly new clients.  

Whether you are a B2B or B2C business…I bet you have a way to get people excited about what you’re selling, am I right? But waiting to the last minute can be bad for business. Yep…that’s why I am bringing it up now. I want to get you thinking now about how you can get your business ready for the holidays. How can you increase your sales before the end of the year?

Not only do you need time to prepare your strategy, but you might need to make changes to your website, build Facebook ads, or even make time in your schedule to fulfill orders, appointments, etc.

I know…there’s a lot to think about. So I thought I would take a few minutes to get your creative mind thinking about preparing. 

  1. Can you offer a special end of the year deal on your services? Pretty shortly you will see me offer my 2017 strategy sessions. I am already booked with regular clients this month…and some even completed their sessions in September.

    Giving clients a special discount for purchasing before the end of the year pushes people to make a commitment. And it helps your year-end sales!

  2. Selling a product? If you’re a fan of The Paper Source and you follow them on social media…you must have seen the special deals they were offering on their 2017 Planners. Talk about a push to sell products before the end of the year…I stopped into the Hyde Park Paper Source to pick one up in between clients. I knew I was running late in getting mine. (I am an obsessive Paper Source fan!) I was shocked that my selection was extremely limited! Yikes…thank goodness I found the perfect one!

    But you get what I’m saying…end of the year sales are an awesome way to clear out inventory.

  3. Are you an author with a bunch of copies left in your inventory? Do a special holiday gift with your book…make an offer that people can’t refuse and pick up some extra business at the same time. Do a book bundle…your book and a 60-minute consulting session or coaching session…see where I’m going?

  4. Are you a massage therapist…beautician…(B2C) or someone who offers services that make people feel amazing? Give a discount on Gift Certificates. I don’t know about you…but I am always looking for great gifts for my kiddos, family, and friends. Create a reason why my daughters will feel amazingly special if I buy a gift certificate from you…and I am there.

You don’t have to create new services or products to sell. I am sure you have an entire arsenal of stuff to sell. The trick is to create a holiday special around it…create the urgency to buy before the end of the year. But remember creating the urgency to buy before the end of the year doesn’t mean your customer / client has to use it before the end of the year.

We all know how crazy the holidays can be for us…so offer the option to redeem in 2017 first quarter.

Need help preparing your business for the holidays? My team is amazing at building great holiday promotions! They are busy working on ours right now…but during the next few weeks of October we will be available for some brainstorming sessions if you need some help.

Reach out to me at or give me a call at (312) 324-0401.