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My Top 10-Favs for October!

Elizabeth Fanslow

Every week I email my tribe lots of great information about how to build their business online. But this week I wanted to do something fun for you and to also support the great businesses that I love so much! 

So enjoy my top 10-favorite things that I loved in October!




Grace Not Perfection

Loved reading this book last month by Tampa Business Woman Emily Ley. It truly is about embracing simplicity and celebrating joy. If you are a Mommy with little ones...this will be a great book for you. But if you are like me with grown kids...this book still reminded me to take it easy on isn't about being as busy as I can possibly be...

I recently found a really neat little store in Chicago called Two Penny Blue. I love their stuff and I love that for every jacket you purchase you help buy a school uniform for a girl in Africa..."opening the door to her education, increasing her self esteem, and creating the opportunity for a brighter future." I just bought a few Christmas gifts from them. Check them out online...or for my Chicago Peeps they are located at 3738 N. SOUTHPORT AVE.



Sara Blette is the creator and owner of - if you are looking for a good quality journal or notebook you have to check her out! The covers are sturdy, so writing in them feels good...and you have your choice of paper - lined, graph, or plain!


REDEFINE - Rodan+Fields Multi-Function Eye Cream

If you're local to probably know Tabitha Blue. She is our local FreshMommyBlog Expert! She turned me on to this amazing eye cream and I absolutely love it! Her tip to put it in the fridge made a huge difference. The coolness when I put it on every morning and night feel so refreshing. 



Most of you may know that I gave up my office this past month...I hated to do it...but when your hubby is a contractor and his contract is nearing the end...well, we never know where we might end up. So with my lease finishing for the year...I chose to move everything back home until we know what our future holds. 

I chose to join the Oxford Exchange Commerce Club in Downtown Tampa as I love the feel of working there and the conference rooms are so in-expensive to rent when I have to see clients! This is my second month with them...and I love I just had to share my Oxford Exchange Crush with you! Plus they make an amazing Vanilla Latte at Buddy Brew! YUM!



My hubby and I love to cook and while we work hard at eating healthy and clean's not always easy. But Richard found Gina Homolka and SkinnyTaste and we love her clean eating recipes! She includes recipes that take time to prepare...and others that work great after a long day at work. Plus if you sign up for her newsletter...she emails some great recipes!



I love FLOW Magazine...but I recently found the FLOW Mindfulness Workbook in Barnes & Noble and had to have it. With a lot of things going on for me this past month, I knew that I really needed this. As a strategist I plan out businesses planning for 3, 6, 9, to 12 months at a time. I sometimes get really focused on doing that in my personal life as well. I get so lost in the future that I forget to enjoy the present. 



When you don't have time to head to Crave to get a reach for the next best thing. I love Sabon products...but I especially love their foot cream. The menthol has the most soothing smell and I love how soft it makes my feet. My favorite store is in Chicago in the Gold Coast...but you can order online too.



I love listening to music while I work and I love all different kinds of music. My November playlist was inspired by my hubby as he loves this kind of music. Enjoy!


This is a reminder for me...that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I don't know about you, but I sometimes feel like I am not moving fast enough to get to where I want to go.

If I've learned anything this to be patient with myself, make conscious choices and move in a more intentional way.

Hope you've enjoyed my top 10 of things that I loved during the month of October! Here's to a new month with new blessings!

Much love...