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Is Your Road to 2017 Full of Potholes?

Elizabeth Fanslow

Can you believe that we are about to start a new year? You might be rolling your business into yet another new year or maybe you are just getting started.

Wherever you are in your journey…you are right where you are supposed to be…but that doesn’t mean you have to stay there.

I want to share something really important that I have learned this year. You see when you work with really smart women clients…you can learn a lot of amazing lessons.

This lesson comes from Traci Cleary-Dobrev of Connection Point Coaching. Traci and I have worked together for years and she is one of the most intelligent women that I know. We have been working on her new branding over the last few months, and last week we met to finalize the new brand for her new website that will be coming out before the end of the month.

Traci continually shares thought provoking lessons with me every time she shares a new blog or when we have a conversation about her work. In creating her new brand, she was able to get really clear on her focus…

Creating Conscious Change...

That is what Traci helps her clients do every day, and that is what she has taught me this year.

Be conscious of your thoughts and decisions. Your thoughts can drown you or they can raise you higher than you ever thought you could go…and my decisions? Well…let’s just say that I have become very intentional when making decisions that impact my business.

Don’t get me wrong…I have bad days just like you. What I have learned is that when I hit those potholes in my journey, I have to steer away from them. And you know what? When I can’t seem to get myself out of those potholes…I am learning to reach out and ask for help.

A few weeks ago…I found myself in one of those potholes. I couldn’t get myself pulled up out of that hole. I couldn’t put my finger on what the problem was…but I was stuck in there…up to my neck. I reached out to my business adviser, Lisa Larter and said…I need help! Sometimes we need that kick in the ass to stop our pity party and move on.

Last week, I closed three new accounts, and my revenue for October exceeded my goals and will be my best month yet…since I started my business in 2011! That’s growth…that’s focus. Maybe I needed to be stuck in that muck a few weeks ago…maybe that is where I was suppose to be at that moment in time.

Are you ready to make some conscious choices for 2017? Are you stuck and need help? Are you tired of doing the same thing every year and getting the same results?

Then 2017 is your year!

This is your year to move forward!

This is your year to reach out for help if you need it!

This is your year to get unstuck and create a business that is successful, on your terms!

I am currently scheduling 2017 strategy sessions with my clients. I just finished one with my client, Carol Westberry…and I received this email from her yesterday:

I just finished up my third annual strategy session with Elizabeth. Spending time with her and working on my business is so much fun! Never thought I would hear myself saying that…because I am not a strategy person at all…as a matter of fact I despise it.

But working with Elizabeth each year is so easy and yes…FUN! Not only do I love spending this time with her, but also the work she gets accomplished during our sessions is empowering! She is just one of those people you love to spend time with!

Elizabeth has the most unique way of building strategy and can I say how much I love the way she takes my dreams for something new…hugs them like her own…and then helps me make them happen? Who does that? I have never known strategy building like this. We met last week and I just got my strategy plan for 2017 from her…all detailed out…and ready to implement. Elizabeth allows me to focus on the parts of my business that I love the most. I depend on her to take care of the rest!
— Carol Westberry, Founder & President of The Westberry Group &

If you are interested in scheduling a strategy session to build your business in 2017 – please reach out and let’s get you on the calendar! I want you to ring in the New Year with a business / marketing strategy that empowers you and gets you excited! 

Email me at to set up your appointment!