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I Don't Want You To Miss This...

Elizabeth Fanslow

The last spot in the lead magnet service sold last week! 

I am really excited to work with three brand new clients and look forward to increasing their visibility and email list! 

However, I can’t help but think that there are more business owners out there who could really take advantage of this offer at the beta price of $499! 

Ask anyone and they will tell you that I over deliver…it’s just who I am. So I couldn’t finish out the week without offering you this special beta price one more time. 

But this offer isn’t about the price…this offer is about you taking the next step in building a successful online business. To prove that - you will also get an extra 60-minute strategy call with me to use during the first quarter of 2017! 

You can use this strategy session for whatever you need help with in your business…I am all yours for a full hour! 

We can conquer the world in 60-minutes! When you create new programs or have new offers, I want you to have a healthy email list to offer them to and I want you to start to build your own online tribe that you can talk too and share with. People don’t know who you are until you start sharing your super powers with them…let me help you do that! 

My offer was to sell three more spots in my Lead Magnet Service at the beta price of only $499…I have sold those spots but the beta price doesn’t go away till 10/15! So I wanted to give you one more chance before the price goes up to $699. 

Come work with me and let’s create an amazing lead magnet that will grab your target audience and build that email list! Let’s get you started toward more success in 2017! Come get your spot before 10/15…I can’t wait to work with you! 

Go online today and secure your spot by clicking here! As soon as you make this decision…someone from my team will be in touch with you to get started. Still have questions? Take a minute to email me at