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Opening Up To the Creative Process of Discovery Can Be Powerful!

Elizabeth Fanslow

Ever had an idea and just didn’t know what to do with it, or where to start?

Last month I flew to Indianapolis to work with client. When we talked on the phone she shared with me that she had an idea that had been nagging at her. It started a year or so ago and while she tried to put it in the back of her mind, she could no longer ignore the power and passion that was tugging at her heart.

This idea…had nothing to do with her business. This idea…felt more like a personal calling. She kept putting the idea off because she had no idea where to start and how this new calling would meld with her business. Did it become a part of her business or was this something totally different. After talking more about it, she decided to fly me to Indianapolis to spend a few days with her.

Having a little fun in Indy...

Having a little fun in Indy...

This is a creative process. This is an open your heart and mind process. But most importantly it is the most vulnerable process you might ever participate in.

Why? Because you have to really open up and share your thoughts, fears, and excitement. And you have to open yourself up to the process to see what comes from it. Many times clients have pre-set ideas in their heads and aren’t open to hearing other ideas or suggestions.

Before hanging up the phone she asked me…what do you need me to do before you get here? How do you want me to prepare? My only request from her was to be open to these new ideas, suggestions and especially the creative process of discovery. I could hear the un-sureness in her voice, but knowing her for so many years…I knew she was up for the challenge.

I also asked her to be thinking about some creative places where we could walk, talk, and explore together. Being new to Indianapolis she had a ton of great places that she had explored already and knew they would be perfect. Being right downtown was perfect for us…we walked, we talked…. and of course we ate – A LOT! And with each hour of our 24-hour time together we dug, explored, built, and created some pretty amazing stuff!

Part of my process is bringing my 35mm digital camera…getting shots of my clients during some of these creative moments…taking notes in their journals, sharing an amazing cup of coffee or tea…and even taking some pictures of their favorite places and food. All of these pictures are property of my client when I leave. These pictures show a creative part of them and they can look at them and feel the creativeness they were feeling at that very moment when I snapped the picture.

These pictures are also a great way to share social media posts with quotes or content in your blog posts. These are you at your most authentic self with those things that are a part of your life, business, and self.

This is an amazing process for anyone to participate in…and when I leave we will have created your core…the ‘how does this feel to me’ piece that you might not have been able to express before! And that is powerful!

When I left on that Friday afternoon…we had a name for this idea, we had a mission, we had the skeleton of the website built complete with domain purchased! I left her with a few additional ideas to think about that we will follow up on this month.

For her…the hard part is over! Now the fun part begins…she gets to create!

If you are interested in learning more about this process, reach out to me and let’s chat!