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Creating Emotion Around Your Product or Service


Creating Emotion Around Your Product or Service

Elizabeth Fanslow

It really is all about the emotion that you put into your product or service…I know this because as a social brand advocate I pay close attention to how the products I buy and the services I use make me feel.

My firm offers COO Services on Demand and CMO Services on Demand. I work with small businesses every day and when I see a small business that ‘gets it’ I want to shout it from the highest mountain!

It really is about taking the extra time to make your customer feel happy, loved, and appreciated. So I wanted to share an experience with you that happened to me this morning.

I came into my office at 6:15AM like I do almost every morning and on my desk was a package that had come last night after I left. I smiled when I saw the return address on the box. I’ve been waiting for a week for this package…so excited to open it and experience what was in there.

As I gently removed the brown paper wrapping this beautiful teal color ribbon caught my eye and directs me to the fun sticker on the box…


This is a package from Make My Notebook. Created and owned by a beautiful soul named Sara Blette. I was with Sara in Denver when she was putting the finishing touches on this product. I got to see pieces…so I couldn’t wait till I could finally go on her website and order my very own package!

Sara has such an amazing talent for nailing that emotional experience…and she certainly has done again with her new line ‘What Will You Write Today.’ 

I am a crazy nerd journaling fool…I admit it! A closet writer…an emotional keeper of memories and feelings. It’s just what I do…and I am not the only one. Sara has created a line of journaling products…this one that I ordered is called ‘Make Monday Magic’…and although I got on a Friday…it certainly brought a little sparkle magic to my day!

But stay with me…because I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet…I am still sharing the outside of the box with you…because Sara didn’t stop there…she gave me a few more giggles as I turned the box over and removed the ribbon…



She’s right! It does start with me…and I always write with intention…and yes…I LOVE the process. Oh…tell your story…sometimes I struggle with telling my own personal stories…but here it is…she’s telling me that it’s okay to tell my story! Thanks for the reminder Sara!

The best part was opening the box…. And I am not sure if Sara intended this extra little sense of smell treat…but when I opened the box the smell of peppermint filled my nose. (So…everyone says that I have an extra sensitive sniffer, but in this case it worked to my benefit).

A special note from Sara with some amazing tips to get started on my new Monday Journaling process…a beautiful teal journal and a fun purple gel pen. So fun because I just love journals…I buy them wherever I go!

But wait…because she also included some of the coolest share the love cards. Such great inspirational, feel good, make you smile sayings that you just want to share everywhere. #makemondaymagic

Ah…and now I see the culprit of the amazing peppermint aroma…a pack of #Altoids to clear the senses and help the mind get started!

This sweet little package has made my day. Thank you Sara for creating such a fun, inspirational new product line. And I want to end this post by sharing something really important that Sara reminds us about journaling…

Just enough…

Yep…that’s what she says. It’s not about how much we write. It’s about the moments we choose to capture in our writing. It is about being intentional and recording those things that mean the most.

Great advice Sara and thank you for all the beauty you have placed in my life since we met!

For more information about Sara Blette and Make My Notebook. Check out the links below. She has some amazing journals!