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What Are You Doing To Play Bigger?


What Are You Doing To Play Bigger?

Elizabeth Fanslow

I meet with women almost every day and I hear them say the same things over and over. 'I want to build my business. I want and need more clients.' So my question is..."what are you doing to play bigger?"

I watch women go from networking event to networking event trying to sell their wares, but what I don't see is women making good solid business connections. At some point you have to sit back and take a look at how you are using your time. When you are attending 5-8 networking events a week, is it the best use of your time?

Playing bigger simply means that you are putting your time and money in places that will produce income, connections, and collaborative relationships that will build and improve your business. It means that you are hanging out in the places and with the people who can afford your services. And it also means that you collaborate with others, even when they are your competition.

So step back and inventory your time and efforts:

  • Look at the events you are attending. Are they bringing you business or are you spending more time networking socially than you are gaining good solid business contacts.
  • Know your budget for networking and apply it in the places that make the most sense for your business. Again, be in the places and with the people who can afford to use your services or buy your products.
  • And lastly, look for collaborative relationships where both parties can step up and play bigger!

Don't be known as the professional networker, trust me it doesn't do a thing for your business!