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Are You in Launch Hell?

Elizabeth Fanslow


I want to share 3-Tips with you if you are getting ready to launch.

Over the past few days I have spoke to so many business owners who are frustrated with launching a new product or service. I hear fear, anger, and worry in their voices and can see it in their faces. And I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone. It seems that everyone is trying to launch an online program right now. I help clients prepare new programs for launch and everyday I have more and more people coming to me with their Jeff Walker - Launch Books and their Callan Rush's workshop notes. These two rock stars and many like them are out there teaching business owners how to launch online products and make a ton of money and more and more people are buying into the dream...only to be disappointed when they launch and no one comes. (Or at least not the number of people they think should have come.)

If you have a business where you can create a product that serves many, than you definitely should create the product, workshop, etc. But you should also know that if you are unknown, have a small email list, or are only recognized in one area of the world...than your chance of coming out of the gate selling hundred's of programs might not be realistic. But what I want to share with that everyone has to start somewhere. I feel like I give the same speech to everyone I work with who comes to me with a dream of making big bucks right out of the gate....

  1. Build your audience organically:What I mean by that is build your community with people who need your services. These people are your key audience and when you have something to share with them - they will respond.  So if you are starting out with an email list of 100 or so people on it. It's okay to launch a small product launch to those 100 people...its also okay to launch that program to other audiences in order to work on building your email list and audience. That's the whole point...each launch builds on the next one. That's how your list grows. That is how you create a community of people who are truly interested in what you have to say.
  2. Stay True To Your Brand:Yes there are 100's of success stories around using Jeff Walker's launch process, but it's not the only way to launch a new product or service. You have to stay true to what feels right for you. For instance, we worked with a consultant this week who felt she needed to follow Walkers email sequence. Unfortunately...sending 3-4 emails out to her list in one week felt obnoxious to some of the people who subscribed to her list and they unsubscribed. These were clients of hers who were still working with her. She normally emailed them 2-3 times a month and they didn't like being attacked by her marketing emails. She admitted to me yesterday that she had betrayed her brand and her authenticity and she felt horrible because of it. This made me sick inside. Please know that if you have a great program / service, it will sell and you will become successful selling it - if you do it the right way. These launch programs have a specific marketing pattern and they do work. But you don't loose site of the people in your community and how this will reflect on your brand.
  3. And last but not least...Think About A Soft Launch...I recently worked with a client for over a year putting together a program that was pretty extensive. It is an amazing program and worth every penny. She works primarily one-on-one with patients in her area so we decided to do a small workshop in her area and invite those people in her email list (past and present clients) as well as businesses she has spoken to. She charged a small seat fee to encourage accountability for showing up. She had about 11-registrations for her 2-hour teaser workshop for her program. She did a little sales pitch at the end and offer them a discount for coming. She sold 4-programs! (This was a high dollar program). She is now in the middle of working through the program with her first class and is working out all the kinks as we get ready to launch on a bigger scale at the end of the month.She knew she had a good product but she wasn't expecting to get rich off her first launch. But she is preparing her business to keep moving forward with additional launches with this program all year long. 

I am not hear to bash the Walker's and the Rush's of the world - I think they have a system that works for them and that they make a lot of money selling their system and for many people it works. But it is not a one size fits all system. So make sure you keep your brand and your reputation in mind when setting up your launch and most importantly keep those people on your list (your community) at the top of your mind. You have worked hard to get them!