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Self-Love Can Feel Uncomfortable...

Elizabeth Fanslow

It always has been for me...but I learned how to love all the unique weirdness about myself a few years back...When I told myself that my happiness mattered...a little over 5-years ago...amazing things started to happen in my life, my business and in my relationships.

So on this New Year's Eve I wanted to share an exercise that helps me focus on the past year. I like to write 10-random thoughts about things I have accomplished, things I have struggled with, things that I am proud of and things that I want to get better at for next year.

I'm being totally authentic here and sharing mine in my blog... So be kind! 

  1. I'm a gorgeously happy 50-year old WOMAN, wife, mother, grandmother, friend....and a passionate entrepreneur!

  2. I am most comfortable in my Lucky Jeans and Coffeehouse tee shirt, but feel extremely powerful and overly confident in a sharp business suit and heels.

  3. I'm not always sure where I'm going, but for once I am loving the exploration...and releasing the anxiety and control of not always knowing!

  4. I am head over heels in love with my hubby and don't feel the least bit guilty about wanting to spending as much time with him as possible!

  5. My favorite time of the day for me personally is that moment in the morning when I get in my office, make my coffee and pull out my journal for some clarity and focus time. Journaling is my time to be with my thoughts, my ideas...and creative superpowers.

  6. I embrace my systematic expertise and love that I get emails from friends and clients...
    "I need some Elizabeth time..."Often called a systematic and creative powers trigger 'aha' moments...this is why I do what I do.

  7. I continue to practice patience and balance between my entrepreneurial passions and my marriage. Devoting time to my relationship is extremely important to me...especially when my past life was consumed with my career. Assessing my priorities on a regular basis will continue to help me focus on what's important.

  8. This year I spent some alone time in Chicago while working on some projects. I was gone about a month and during that time I focused on being present with myself and experiencing the city. Walking and reading...writing and resting. This was one of those bucket list items for me! I loved this experience!

  9. I have a habit of taking life a little too hubby keeps my life and spirit light, flowing and always laughing. I always need to remind myself to stop and smell the is too short to always be so serious!

  10. Over the last few years...Richard and I have reduced the clutter of things in our life. It's not all about the stuff we own or the cars we's about living in a way that feels good and less stressful for us both. We will continue to plan and build our life in ways that are financially responsible, support our love to travel and experience life together. 

So take a few minutes tomorrow morning when you wake up and write down your ten self-love statements...have fun with the exercise and hang these where you can see them and acknowledge and love all your uniqueness!

Happy New Year - Make 2016 an amazing year full of success, love and gratitude.